March 14, 2018

Ruck Workout, in Memory of Jerome Gonzales

AO: The Barracks

PAX: Bruce, Bookworm, Shoestring, Slots, Soybean (QIC)

THE SCENE: 38*, pleasant

Did that


Today we honored GRT Jerome Gonzales by doing this workout that GORUCK put together in his memory. Jerome passed during the GORUCK Bragg Heavy this year, which is an annual event done in honor of a former GORUCK Cadre who passed a few years ago (Joe Warner). We modified the workout for time.

You can read more about Jerome here. And here is GORUCK’s workout link.

Bruce, Bookworm, and YHC did a quick 2.5 mile ruck beforehand. We finished at 0515 and (former AO Q) Shoestring was walking up. I hit start on my watch and we took off for a mile run (10 minute time limit). Slots joined in on our second lap. The speedsters alternated 10 sit-ups, 10 merkins while they waited for the others to finish. 

Next up was the dreaded carry circuit. We had a flag planted at the 50 on the football field. We had an odd number, so the odd man (Slots, based on weight class) carried both sandbags (40# + 60#) as his partner. Partner 1 completes the whole circuit, then we repeat with Partner 2. I gave us a 20 minute time limit, and we (namely, YHC) barely finished in time. The farmer carry + burpees was miserable. 

PSA: Do not google “fireman drag”

At 0547 we hit the road for a 2 mile ruck, which forced a 14 minute mile pace on us. We ended at 0617, a couple minutes behind pace/schedule.




CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: I heard about Jerome’s death when it happened during the Bragg Heavy. It was a startling reminder of the brevity and uncertainty of life (“Your life is a mist” James 4:14). Jerome was in shape and had done these types of events before, so it’s not like he got in over his head. It prompted me to reevaluate why I do F3 and GORUCK. Is it worth it?

Ultimately my motivation for F3 and GORUCK is physical and mental toughness, with the emphasis on mental. We’re constantly bombarded with temptations (adultery, laziness, anger, vengeance, etc), and we give in to them in weak moments. I think of Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9 “I discipline my body and make it my slave, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified.” It takes mental fortitude to get up at 0500 and then carry a grown man down a football field. Building that toughness in the gloom will help you exercise it when you need it most – when your kids won’t stop arguing with each other or when your task list at work is growing out of control. A life is made up of those small moments, and your character is made up of how you react and treat people in those moments. 

Prayers for Rabbit’s family and C-Lo’s health. 

Bookworm is now the AO Q for Barracks Rucks – dilly dilly! It was great to see Slots finally post at the Barracks, even though it took him a minute to find us. He got friendly with our resident sandbags, DBo and Turd. My long-time carry partner Bruce, upon hoisting me on his shoulders, said, “You *are* slimming down.” This made YHC blush. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Bruce is working with GORUCK to establish an F3 ruck club in Memphis, and Shoestring is working on a ruck division for the St Jude Marathon. This is going to be YUGE. Stay tuned.