December 11, 2019

“Ruck” workout

    • Cold, dark, and bitter–just like how I like my marriages coffee.
      Luna the moon reflecting a light not her own,
      Did little to light the path I rucked alone.
      Some had rucks, most had none.
      250 burpees were left undone.
    • A couple of times.
    • Deconstructed 8-count bodybuilders.
      • 15x IC Squats
      • 15x IC Groiners
      • 15xIC Plank Jacks
      • 10xIC Merkins (because Q failure)
      • 15x IC Groiner
      • 15x IC Squat jumps
      • 10x IC 8-ct Bodybuilders (because of time)
    • I’m up. He see’s me! I’m down. 300ft
    • Low crawl up a hill. 2x 50ft
    • Carry 2x 40# kettlebells and bear crawl 2,000ft 1,500ft. Missed 10 minute time hack and PAX had given up on bear crawls.
    • Penalty: 20x 8-ct BodyBuilders
    • Suicide sprints Tributes between light poles. 500ft.
    • Ruck backward back to flag.
  • MARY:
    • 10x ruck get-ups
    • 10x overhead ruck squats
    • 10x overhead flutterkicks
    • 8 PAX, 0FNGs: Croissant, Granola, Orange Julius, Potter, Ratio, Sleep Number, Wall Builder, Woodpecker
    • Start:
      • Planning ahead better. I was prepared for low numbers, I was not prepared for a decent turnout but few rucks.
    • Stop:
      • Q’ing ruck workouts at non-ruck workout AOs.
    • Sustain:
      • Preparing content for CoTs. I had two COT’s in mind. In hindsight, I should have shared my other COT, as it would have been a better fit for the improvisational nature of this Q.
    • This was the second of my three Qs for the Q3 Challenge I issued to fellow PAX who participated in the recent GORUCK Veterans Day GORUCK Tough and Light Challenges. The idea behind the Q3 Challenge is that CSAUP events can teach us a lot about ourselves and the human condition and that these lessons likely have applications beyond our small little lives.

      Without launching back into my rant about a particular deadweight GRT, suffice it to say I continued to complain about this guy, but also shared the corrective words of St. Old Man Hitch who challenged me to be more compassionate: “Real life though, right! Those guys make it GORUCK instead of GROWRUCK. Question is: Can you carry 2 rucks and still treat the guy with respect and compassion?” Others chimed in saying that he was better off in the challenge than alone by himself.

      Compassion is not my strong suit. I know OMH & others are right about this guy. I still get angry every time I think about how he signs up for these event, but does nothing to contribute to the team morale or success. I don’t know his story. I reached out to him to find out more.

      I wonder if anyone else has a similar scenario with a deadweight coworker, business partner, or family member? If compassion is not your jam–if this is your struggle, you’re not alone. But we need to do better.