June 22, 2018

Ruck The Levee

THE SCENE:  Mid 70’s damp and sticky.  “Success, which is the achievement of one’s goals, depends on what matters most to a person.” – Willy Loman

We had three Willy Loman’s this Gloom.


The PAX was Disclaimed

  • 20 SSH-IC
  • 15 Daisy Pickers-IC
  • 15 Merkins-IC
  • 10 Arm Circles-IC: Forward and Backward
  • 15 Imperial Walkers-IC


  • The Tortes and the Hare
    • While Group 1 exercised Group 2 takes CMU and grabs the chain to ruck as a single unit.  (the rucking group all held a 20′ chain aswell as CMU’s). Once Group 1 completed the exercise they Ruck ran to swap Chain/CMU ruck.
      • The Exercise
        • To Start:
          • 10 Body Builders
          • 10 Merkins
          • 10 Flutter Kicks
          • 10 Squats
        • Omaha: (After both groups complete the exercise once)
          • 5 Body Builders
          • 5 Merkins
          • 5 Flutter Kicks
          • 5 Squats

Each Group did four sets of exercises

The Ring of Fire…. PAX circled up with rucks on. PAX help plank position while one HIM bear-crawled around the circle.  Once Him completed the circle next Him would start.  Every two complete circles the PAX would switch from Plank to AL Gore.
11 PAX, 0 FNG, 3 Willy Loman
Humble the asshole, lift up the Sad Clown. (In F3, or Family or Community)

Every man has a weakness and a strength.  as we come together as a team and/or community we are able to bridge each others gaps and move forward with success.   The chain in today’s workout was a way to unit the PAX as a single unit.

Special Thanks to the three Willie Loman……
F3Franklin: Sterno
F3Frankfort: Mystro
F3Atlanta: Blondie

Slicknut will be headed on Vacation Mission trip to Honduras, sending prays up for him and the crew as they travel…

Grow Ruck coming in September….