August 28, 2018

Ruck & Run

THE SCENE: Friday, 8/24/18, The Morg

SSH x 20

Windmills x 15

Daisy Picker x 15

Counted off into two groups.  Group 1 took all of the rucks, one on front and one on back, plus one sandbag to share.  Group 2 was just running.

All PAX took off on around a 0.75 mile defined loop.  Group 2 was to run until they caught up with Group 1.  Then they’d take the weight and Group 1 would start running.  The goal was to continue this process until the weights made it 3 laps around the loop.  We didn’t quite make it in time.

On the second lap, PAX were instructed to farmer carry their two sacks.  For the third, they could wear them again.

Woodpecker, O’Reilly, Choker, Gilligan, Sleep Number, Carport, Casio, Commie
Talked about John Muir.  He left for a ruck one day with a pack full of notebooks.  He left Indiana and walked thousands of miles on his way to the Florida coast,  filling his notebooks with journal entries and sketches of nature he observed along the way.  He later did the same thing routinely from Sierra Nevada to glaciers in Alaska.

Although he wrote a lot, he didn’t like “bookmaking.”  He wanted people to learn first hand, instead of through vicarious experience derived from books, summed up in this quote: “No amount of word-making will ever make a single soul to know these mountains…One day’s exposure to mountains is better than cartloads of books.”

When I read that, I wondered about what it meant to expose others to the love of Jesus, and left the PAX to do the same.

Any distance measured in miles is too far to farmer carry rucks.