April 3, 2019

Ruck Challenges at the Morg

THE SCENE: Cool, but not too cool. Just right. Like porridge maybe.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given. Also, “I’m not a professional” was restated a few times.


SSH X 25
Daisy Pickers X 20
Little Arm Circles X 10 and reverse
Calf stretches


The Monthly Rucking Challenge this month is called Lucky Number 7. We did the first of the 7 sets. See details on the GORUCK site.

Ruck 1 mile
10 sets:
10 Ruck squats
10 Ruck pushups (aka Merkins)
10 Russian Twists (aka American Hammers)

We would ruck .10 miles around the parking lot and then stop and do a set. Rinse and repeat until we hit 10 sets.

Wall Builder, Choker, Flobee, Orange Julius, The Streak and even Big Mac (FNG) all took turns leading some of the sets.


Choker led us in ABCs.


Orange Julius, The Streak, Choker, Flobee, Mr. Wonderful, Slots, Big Mac (FNG), Wall Builder


I’ve been doing F3 for just over a year now (first day was 4/2/2018), so I thought I’d share some reflections on a year of F3… first off, I’m in far better shape now than I was… but I’m not at the front of the group by any means. And that’s okay.

Because the second F has been an incredible benefit – fellowship. I’ve got a group of men that I can come to that routinely push me to do better, in all aspects of life. Thank you for that.

While I’m talking about fellowship, I have to also reflect on the third F – Faith. Something that has really struck me is the intersection of fellowship and faith. I’ve been incredibly grateful for seeing how the F3 community puts their faith to practice. Even if I’m not able to participate in an activity, this group is actively bettering their community, too. Whether it is cleaning up someone’s house, volunteering to paint or clean, or whatever, that is just the type of men that I see in F3.

So thank you for putting your faith into practice and also for encouraging me and helping me to grow both spiritually and physically.


I wanted to give some of the PAX the opportunity to lead part of the workout and they did a great job… what I didn’t expect was that even our FNG would be willing to step up and lead. And he did great!