July 29, 2019

Route 264

July in Memphis; more humid than something really humid.  There was a nice breeze, but not enough of one.  I arrived just as a solo Commie finished his early ruck.

Welcomed.  Disclaimed.

SSH x20 IC
Daisy Pickers x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Windmills x15 IC
Little Arm Circles x10 IC (each direction)

Route 66:  Cones were set out at every-other light pole.  Mosey along the path, stopping at the cones to perform the exercise.  1 rep at the first cone, 2 reps at the second, etc.  Full lap equals 66 reps.  We made four laps, thus Route 264.

Round 1:  Burpees
Round 2:  BBSU
Round 3:  Squats
Round 4:  Merkins


10 PAX: Choker, Commie, Miracle Ear, Orange Julius, Puddle Jumper, Test Tube, Too Tall, Tree Hugger, Wall Builder, Woodpecker

Inspired by Croissant’s gentle rebuke at the end of Saturday’s Mothership workout, I shared a couple of excerpts from the CANDOR section of the QSource:

An Effective but un-Virtuous Leader keeps the hard Truth from his followers. He justifies his lack of Candor by couching it as a form of protection. He lies (by misrepresentation or omission) to his followers because (he tells himself) they cannot handle the hard Truth. He convinces himself that the Pain and Disruption of knowing the Truth are Hardships that only he can bear, when the reality is that he lacks the strength of character required to deal with other people’s un-Happiness.

Telling the hard Truth is only one half of Candor. The other half is hearing it. For a Leader to be Virtuous, he must be able to handle the Truth. If he can’t, than no one will be willing to tell it to him. Handling hard Truth well requires the discipline over one’s emotions that comes from Preparedness.

Love having consistent double-digit attendance at the Morg again!

8/9 – City Ruck Tour – details and registration here.
8/17 – 2nd Anniversary Convergence, 0700-0800 at Mothership