October 23, 2018

Round the Bases

THE SCENE: Dark, crisp 45 degrees


Welcomed the PAX and introduced the FNG to the 3F’s. YHC reminded everyone about lack of professionalism and that they should push themselves, but modify as necessary.


Everything is IC unless otherwise specified.

SSH 30, Hillbillies 15, Daisy pickers 15, Monkey Humpers 30, Merkins OYO 15.

Before we moseyed the long way to the baseball diamond, PAX paired up and talked about encouragement and words of affirmation. YHC challenged them to think about the last time PAX received an encouragement, what was it about and what was said.

Once we arrived, in the PAX partners did total 100 Row pull-ups and box jumped up the bleachers (one PAX doing pull-ups while the other box jumped, then they switched).

Then, we moseyed into the diamond to begin the workout around the bases. Each Pax did 5 Burpees after completing a round of the following exercises.

  • Run backwards
  • High Skip
  • Wheelbarrow (switch with partner at each base)

After holding Al Gore until all in, we moseyed to Skate Park.

At Skate Park PAX alternated AMRAP Derkins and AMRAP Ierkins 30 seconds each. PAX completed 2 sets, then positioned around pool for Mary.

OOOOOHHHHHS IC x 25, Supermans 5 times holding for 10 seconds each, Flutter kicks x 25 (Passed to Jailbait). Then moseyed back to the parking lot where we finished by prepping for the APFT with Big Boy Sit Ups (each PAX had a partner who held the feet while exercising).

9 PAX (1 FNG Chewy)

YHC has been impacted by encouragement and thinking through the way leaders should be encouraging those around them. I challenged each PAX to think about one person who they want to encourage/affirm and one person they should encourage/affirm to build a better relationship.

Today’s workout was exciting for me. YHC has been challenged by running more frequently and the HIM that are encouraging slow PAX (like YHC) to continue to push through and build endurance. Also, bleachers are slick, probably won’t box jump those in the future.