March 26, 2019

Ropes, Bags, Drags, and Rucks

THE SCENE: Almost shorts weather….. almost. warmer and dry.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Given, mission n 5 principles given. Re disclaimed Photoshop and Interweb…. but it was ok cause they brought Gibsons.

(All IC) 20 SSH / 10 Daisy Pickers / 20 Hillbillies / 20 arm circles, hold, 20 reverse, hold, 20 overhead claps, recover / 5 Merkins. OYO Usane Bolt 45s / Mosey / CMU Colt 45s
9 stations for 9 Pax. 1 Min AMRAP then rotate.

  • Squats with 50# Sandbag (thanks grimace)
  • 45#  Curls
  • Body Builders with Overhead Press (CMU)
  • Overhead Press (CMU)
  • Mosey with 50 # Ruck
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • 25# overhead arm extentions
  • Battle Rope
  • Resistance Mosey pulling tire with CMU

Recovery Mosey, Then rinse and Repeat.

9 Pax. Tremor, Grimace, Photoshop, Interweb, Gomer, Gun Show, Chuck E Cheese, Zidane, Speedy

Briefly spoke about mental heath issues. Statistically we will come into contact with someone or personally experience some sort of  mental health issue. These are just US stats…. a little dated.

Depression: Roughly 1 in 10. 18 million

Bi Polar: 6.3 Million

Postpartum Depression : 15% of women after childbirth

PTSD: 8 Million. 11-20 out of 100 vets (Iraq), 12 of 100 (Gulf war), 15 of 100 (Vietnam)

Suicide: 41,000 a year. one every 13 min. 110 take their lives each day. 3500 attempt to do so.

Mental heath isn’t a dirty word, its a reality. If you don’t deal with any of these conditions be thankful. Others don’t choose to wake up feeling like they do. Medications help to varying degrees but with unwelcome side effects. There isn’t enough affordable mental health options available to everyone who needs them. Suicide isn’t a dirty word, asking someone specifically if they want to self harm is not going to put the thought in their mind…… its already there. Be the cathartic relief if you are able to. If you know of someone who has struggled in the past let them know you are thinking about them and ask how they are doing.
If you missed out on men’s breakfast its going to be a few more months before it rolls around again.