November 9, 2020

Roll Them Bones

It’s Mothership.  Mothership is very fine in all weathers and temperatures.  The day was unseasonably wonderful.


I’m lousy at welcoming and disclaiming, but I did my very best for the nice PAX.
Standard kind of warmup.

20 Side Scuffle Hops

12 Imperial Walkers

12 Hillbillies

12 Daisy Pickers

10 Alarm Clocks, just to throw everyone into a tizzy.

I have a set of three 12-sided dice.  The big foam ones you can order.  I customized mine:  One for Upper Body,  one of them for Core, and one of them for Legs.

PAX formed a triangle- there were six of us, so two each at a corner of the triangle with a dice.  Everyone rolls the dice and does 12 of whatever rolls up.  We decided by vote before the start that things like Flutter Kicks and such would be 4-Count.  If your group is advancing to the next station, and the PAX there haven’t finished, you stop at the halfway point and hold Plank until they clear.  (Prevents pileups)  When everyone has completed all three stations, you run a lap around the triangle and start again.

I’ve done this workout before and lost count of how many laps are run.  The first lap tends to be a sprint, and the last tends to be a limp sort of drippy mosey.  I lost count this time, too.  It’s never as many as you think it’s gonna be though.

At roughly seven minutes til the end, we switched to Mary-  The dice are grouped in the middle of the circled PAX (standing as usual, then we took a big step back each)  Each PAX in turn would run to the middle, pick up a dice and huck it at another (Everyone in the circle was disallowed to dodge)  If the dice hits its mark, all PAX do 12 reps of whatever rolls up.  If the dice MISSES the mark, the throwing PAX must chase it down and do 12 reps of whatever it says by himself, while the Mary proceeds amongst the others.

The Mary could have been an entertaining workout all on its own, but 45 minutes (Or an hour in the case of Mothership)of that would be a killer.

6 PAX-  Tremor, Chef, Millennial, Couch Potato, Paper Cut, Barnum,

My uncle recently was in a bike race/ride with a few other guys.  He stopped to check on a guy who had gotten off his bike.  The guy said he was okay- he’d catch up, just needed a minute. You know the drill. We’ve all done it- waved away help ’cause we don’t want to inconvenience anyone and we’re not in distress and we’re okay…  My uncle acquiesced and went on to the finish.

This time, as the other people finished the ride and the last guy didn’t appear, they were deciding to go back and check when they heard an ambulance.

Yeah.  The thing we always fear is going to happen out of the blue.  He had died, and my uncle was the last person to speak to him.

So… Hard as it is, don’t be the guy that waves everyone on and says, “I’ll catch up” (I’ve always done this ’cause I’m usually at the back. But I’m gonna quit that.)  And don’t be the guy that says, “Well, if you’re sure… we’ll see you at the finish.”

It’s difficult or awkward or embarrassing … for no good reason.  Reason says we don’t leave a man behind.  Hard Lesson.  Learn it from others’ example if you’re lucky.  My uncle’s a bit tormented these days, as you can guess.

This workout is pretty good.  There’s not a lot of stopping and counting and waiting. It’s a hustle.  My hipbones are still complaining two days later, but hopefully that translates into a fine looking posterior for a man my age- at least that’s what I keep telling my wife when I ask her to double-check it for me.

As with the deck-of-cards workouts, the dice seem to favor one or two exercises, but when people are asked, they don’t give the same answers for what rolls up most often, so I think that’s psychological.  I worried that the dice were preferentially rolling up on one or two sides because of worn edges or something.

I asked the PAX to vote on ‘2 is 1’ or ‘4-Count’ for the alternating-style exercises, and I don’t think that worked out as well as it could.  There were no major bottlenecks, but 12 4-Count Bonnie Blairs are more time-consuming and blocked up some turns somewhat.  Better to let the groups decide as they go, or mark the dice faces themselves per exercise.  Bonnie Blairs shoulda been 2-is-1, that’s what I’m saying.

The lap around the triangle was added into this workout by Scarecrow and it’s brilliant.  It prevents bunching up if one or two groups tend to be faster than others.  Plus, a short burst of running actually becomes a nice break in a bunch of Walk Downs and Another Damn Roll of Bonnie Blairs.

The lap seems to be an easier recovery between exercises than the short sprint between dice, too.  The short sprints tend to turn into waddling, sweaty, speedwalks as the workout nears the end.

If you don’t have a set of these dice, get ’em.  If you want to customize them, and you find a way to paint them- spread the word, ’cause I made a mess of mine trying to sand and primer and paint them.  I even used Craft Foam Primer, after other stuff failed.  Everything falls off like snowflakes the first time you squeeze the dice.  I went finally with cutting five-sided duct tape pentagons and sticking them in the middle of each face of the dice.  I used a different color for each of the dice so you can easily tell which is for legs, which for arms, and which for core.  Sharpie to write the exercises.  Ugly and Hard-wearing.  Go for it.

Having the dice makes for an amazingly easy Q with a complete and satisfying workout.  The Game-Style Mary is a winner, too, I think.


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