October 9, 2019

Robbie Miller Mod at the Barracks

THE SCENE: Lovely morning. With Memphis on Fall Break, we didn’t have to worry about the cadets getting in our way or Bookworm leaving early. He did, however, arrive late. Hmmm….

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional. Modify as necessary. Etc.


Today, we did a modified Robbie Miller WOD. You can read about it here. This is now part of every GORUCK Heavy. Whether rucks are worn during all exercises is up to the cadre. 

We started with 2.5 fast laps around the track for warm-up. Then we did…

12 rounds of:
6 pull-ups (no ruck)
6 burpee squats (no ruck – burpee with a squat after the jump)
6 4-count mountain climbers (no ruck – big boy style – get your feet up to the outside of your hands every time)
6 ruck get-ups (ruck up, lay down, stand up)

The PAX sometimes shouted what round they finished each time, but the voices got quieter and less enthusiastic as time wore on. 

Bookworm was the fastest. He finished his 12th round in ~38 minutes (estimated based on playlist progress). At that point, the rest of the PAX were told to finish whatever round they were on. YHC was the slowest and finished 9 rounds. 

We ended with a few laps around the track until 0615. 


I’ve been struggling with work a lot recently, lacking motivation and joy. I read this article a couple days ago and was very encouraged. The author quotes Eugene Peterson:

“A common but futile strategy for achieving joy is trying to eliminate things that hurt: get rid of pain by numbing the nerve ends, get rid of insecurity by eliminating risks, get rid of disappointments by depersonalizing your relationships. And then try to lighten the boredom of such a life by buying joy in the form of vacations and entertainment.”

The author then relates that to Hebrews 12:2, (“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…who for the joy set before him, endured the cross (obedience)…”) and then connects the two ideas:

“Our obedience in the long haul, even in the most mundane area of our work, not only provides a sense of joy, but is also what God uses to give our work great satisfaction and significance.”

My takeaway was that I ought to be obedient in my work (work hard as unto the Lord), and that through the hard work of obedience, God will provide joy and satisfaction. 

Hell of a WOD. Bookworm killed it, so he’s good to go for a 2020 HTL. Hitch nearly died but was able to will himself back to life. Upgrade was an animal. Toms had the time of his life.

Two lady runners asked us what we were training for. Hitch replied, “Wednesday.”

I made a playlist, a rare occurrence, but I like tunes for this type of workout. You can listen here