January 28, 2021

Roasted Shoulder

31 degrees.  Felt like 23 degrees.  Strong breeze during Warm-o-rama but thankfully it subsided during the workout.  6 PAX showed up at 5am to work hard…and that we did.


Disclaimed.  No FNG’s.  


SSH X 20
Overhead Press X 15
Chest Press X 15
Daisy Pickers X 10


Circuit 1 – Three Exercises increasing by 5 reps each round

10 blockees.  Mosey Parking lot with CMU.
10 BBS’s w/ CMU. Mosey Parking lot with CMU.
10 Tempo Squats w/ CMU. Mosey Parking lot with CMU.

15 blockees. Mosey Parking lot with CMU.
15 BBS’s w/ CMU.  Mosey Parking lot with CMU.
15 tempo squats w/ CMU.  Mosey Parking lot with CMU.

20 blockees.  Mosey Parking lot with CMU.
20 BBS’s w/CMU.  Mosey Parking lot with CMU.
20 tempo squats w/ CMU.  Mosey Parking lot with CMU.

Hold Monkey Humper position until all in…

Circuit 2 – Three Exercises increasing by 5 reps each round

10 CMU curls.  Side shuffle/back pedal parking lot
10 CMU presses.  Side shuffle/back pedal parking lot
10 Carolina Dri-docks. Side shuffle/back pedal parking lot

15 CMU curls.  Rifle carry CMU around parking lot
15 CMU presses.  Rifle carry CMU around parking lot
15 Carolina Dri-docks.  Rifle carry CMU around parking lot

20 CMU curls.  Mosey parking lot
20 CMU presses.  Mosey parking lot
20 Carolina Dri-docks.  Mosey parking lot


Only 2 minutes left so….Dealers Choice

Roots – Boat Daiseys IC X15

Finkle – American Hammers IC until time


6 PAX.  Nature Boy, Bandwagon, Finkle, Roots, Paper Cut, Boudreaux


I read this devotional the other day from Paul David Tripp and he told a story about his daughter getting in an auto accident and how scary that was for their family…and he wrote these words below about trusting in God during suffering and trials…

“When suffering enters your door, and it will, where do you look for hope, rest, and relief? If you are near someone in pain, what comfort do you offer them? Where do you run when people fail you, and God seems impossible to understand?

For the Tripp family, the promise of heaven gave us what we needed to face each morning. Not just the assurance that God has guaranteed us a future free from physical suffering, but that he has promised to protect us in the meantime. One passage, in particular, gave us practical and transformative hope:

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled, and unfading, kept in heaven for you, who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. In this you rejoice, though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials” (1 Peter 1:3-6, ESV, added emphasis mine).

The Enemy tried to whisper in my ear, “But Paul, God didn’t guard you or Nicole. Look what happened to your family.” But guarded doesn’t mean that God will give you a ticket out of difficulty and pain. No, this promise of protection addresses a more profound danger than the physical and circumstantial challenges we all face in this fallen world.

Guarded means that in your moment of suffering, God provides you with the grace to fight bitterness, doubt of God, and the temptation to run away from your faith. This protective grace allows us not to give way to panic and fear, bombarding ourselves with questions no human can answer.

Peter cannot think about today’s suffering without looking at it from the perspective of an eternity tomorrow. Notice his language: “living hope,” “resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” “inheritance … kept in heaven for you,” and “salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

Peter is saying that what is coming is a critical lens for understanding our present painful experiences. When we put on these gospel glasses, we indeed will experience “living hope.” This hope is something different than the empty optimism of distant, religious clichés. It is the security of real provision in desperate times of need.

Every day of your life, whether you have eyes to see it or not, God is guarding you. His presence guarantees that when the door of heaven opens, you will be there to walk through it. Not only that, but it guarantees help along the way. The One who promised you forever is your Guard along the way.

There is absolutely no circumstance where he will abandon you before you are on the other side of eternity with him forever!”


The Armory is a great spot.  I personally like the 5 am start time because it gives more time for PLC AND more time of quiet at my house when I return home.  Finkle killed it…he wore his heavy vest the entire workout.  The rest of the PAX worked hard too and pushed me to keep going.  I had a 3rd circuit planned just in case we got through the 2nd cirucit with time to spare.  That 2nd circuit shoulder burn had the PAX groaning…a welcomed sound for the Q!  I believe everyone that posted hit the “HC” button the night before and that gave me a good idea of what to do for the workout…I had something else planned if it looked like we would have 10+.  I challenged the present PAX to make hitting that “HC” in Slack a habit…it really is helpful to the Q.


Paper Cut doing a BLOPS at the Annex next week.  Reach out to him for details.

High Note will be getting some roll for the hype vidoe at the Mothership on Saturday (ruck and BC).  Wear dark clothes…preferrably F3 gear.  

Pray for Moneyball’s son Parker, Halpert and his family, and for Landline’s procedure.

Workout Date: