July 10, 2018

Roadtrippin’ to Neverland

It started last week when Toms and YHC were discussing how we both needed to be rucking more before bootcamp. We checked our schedules, and I was signed up to Q at Neverland. YHC proposed a road trip; Toms tentatively accepted. 

Fast forward to Monday. We settled on a meeting spot and time. YHC blasted it on Slack hoping for some other East Memphians who could split gas and driving. We’d meet in a back alley at 0422 and depart at 0423 in order to make the 0450 ruck. Total radio silence. Undeterred, YHC set the alarm for 0354 (every minute counts), and another for 0355 (always set two alarms). Toms and YHC rendezvoused at 0422 on the nose. Toms brought snacks (leftover calamari from a fancy pants work dinner he endured the night before). YHC brought the tunes (Pet Sounds, naturally). Gas tank said we had 118 miles to empty. Would that be enough?? We said a prayer and rolled out – 0423 on the dot. 

Along the way, we discussed work and calling. We were raised on a promise that we’d have the opportunity to do work we are passionate about, or work we’re “called” to do. Most people in the world don’t get that opportunity. We Americans have so much choice that it can be paralyzing. Am I in the right field? Is this what I’m meant to do? I think the Sky Q would say it doesn’t really matter. Work hard, stay humble, and love your neighbor. If you enjoy what you do, that’s great. If you don’t, you have to endure, but only momentarily. YHC is blessed to be surrounded by a contingent of PAX who are enduring together. Life can be miserable at times, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. 

We rolled into Neverland at 0447. Dark. Alone.

The silence was broken by an Avalanche completely wrapped in Green Monster signs. It was Choker, there to ask us if we were registered to vote, and also to ruck. There’s no better way to start a Tuesday.

After the ruck, YHC greeted Zima and Major. YHC found out in the COT that Major was an FNG and that’s just his real name. YHC got to meet Flobee and learned about his namesake. FNG Tool Time pulled up at 0529. We got started 60 seconds later.

Did that.

SSH x20, Daisy Picker x10, IW x15, Hillbilly x15
Mosey down the sidewalk and around the track, stopping to do merkins and flutter kicks along the way.

The PAX were divided into 4 groups (3 pairs and a lonely Q). YHC had four cones set up – two at the bottom of a hill, two at the top. Group 1 started at Cone 1 with 10 burpees, then bear crawled uphill to relieve Group 2 at Cone 2. Group 2 started with AMRAP CMU overhead presses until relieved, then lunge-walked to relieve Group 3 at Cone 3. Group 3 did AMRAP squats until relieved, then crab-walked downhill to relieve Group 4 at Cone 4. Group 4 did AMRAP CMU curls until relieved, then power skipped to Cone 1 and did 10 burpees. Etc. 

We completed one full rotation. For time, YHC had the burpee group say “Go” when they started their bear crawl, and all groups rotated at once. We got through two more rotations. 

The arms were begging for more, so we had to give it to ’em. We grabbed the CMUs and occupied the gazebos near the playground. Dips and CMU skull crushers – sets of 20, 15, 10, 5. 

Although YHC was totally soaked in sweat, I still prefer no rolling around in wet grass. The dew was very heavy this morn’, so we moseyed over to the stage for Mary. 

BBSU x20, Pickle Pounder x10, J-Los x10, Hello Dolly x20, Rosalita x20, LBCs x27 (time!)

7 PAX (2 FNGs – Private and Tool Time)

It’s always tempting to fartsack a workout. It’s also tempting to fartsack work or your responsibilities as a husband and father. There are people in your life counting on you to be engaged and deliver. Build some mental toughness and do the work.

Prayers for Alex and Magen (friends of Tool Time) who lost their baby. Prayers for all affected by the cave incident in Thailand.

Not much mumblechatter today cause the PAX were either putting in work or cursing YHC under their breath. The last few dips/skull crushers almost kilt me. Neverland is a great AO with great hillage, lots of wet grass, and a handful of exercise stations of questionable use. T-CLAPS to Tool Time and Private for ringing the first bell. You’re only an FNG once. 

GrowRuck 12. Sign up here.