August 1, 2020

RIP Ranger Rick……. and lost balls

The weather was rainy / misty….. Grimace said he would be there (technically not a HC) then said…. nope… its wet…. imma stay home and polish my tires. :Weak Sauce: A disclaimer was given…. and a warmup was started.

IC SSH, Daisey Pickers, Hillbillies, Imperial (not metric) walkers, Merkins… and maybe other things i forgot.

Grab a CMU Walked a small square. alternating CMU curls, and CMU Overhead Presses for each side x1, then a mosey around the parking lot to show the suggested path for the workout.

Guess its a mix between the 7 of diamonds and 4 corners. But the idea was for each round the pax would sprint to each of the 4 corners of the parking lot and complete a set of exercises. As Pax finished each round they were instructed to perform AMRAP 5merkins, 5bbsu, n 5Jump Squats…. no 10 counts today.

1st round – 7 burpees at each corner. (about this time Teachers Pet walked up wondering why everyone looked gassed)

2nd round – 14 Jump Squats (between the 1st n 2nd corner was the remnants of a baby Raccoon….. teachers pet really wanted a picture of it)

3rd – 21 CMU Overhead press

4th – 28 CMU Curls

(more CMU work was requested so a 5th round of 21 Overhead presseseses was completed)

Onto a Dancing Bear Pyramid….. we got high but never came down

1 merkin : 1 Dancing Bear (Jump Squat with a overhead press)

2 merkins : 2 Dancing Bears…………. 10 Merkins : 10 Dancing bears…. then work back down…. which we did not get to.

Mary : Flutter Kicks (for Grimace…. who wasn’t there), Freddy Mercuries, Red, Yellow, Green light

13 Pax started 13 pax finished. Shoutout to Natureboy and Pops who were too busy taking clothes off in the parking lot to join us.

345 Completed by RATIO and CHEF (2nd)

During PLC Barnum decided to toss a Slam Ball from the top of the parking lotdown the grassy hill………. (towards the lake)…. to see how far it would go……. AND MAN… DID that joker go far. It went down the hill….. it went across the walking path…. it went down another hill…. it went careening into various aquatic wildlife as it slipped into the lake. Apparently the bottom of the lake also is sloped…. so it continued rolling down the rocky bottomed slope…. and onto the muddy bottom slope…. where it now rests RIP probably in the middle of Hyde Lake. Do not let Barnum borrow your things.

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