March 12, 2018

Rinse and Repeat

THE SCENE: a balmy 33 degrees at the Levee

SSH IC 4 CT x24

Merkins IC 4 CT x10

Slow Squats 4 CT x15

SL RDL 4 CT x 15


Mosey to tennis court area

Switchem’s on the rails

10 Dips/10 push ups x 5 rounds

Mosey to tennis courts

5 down and back sprints across two courts—fence to fence

Switch em round 2

Tennis court round 2

Switch em Round 3

Tennis Court round 3

Mosey to skate park

Box jumps x 15

Calf Raises 20/20/20

Rinse and Repeat


Hammock to Superman x 1 min

Reverse Plank x1 min


Found my Gary Thomas notes! Are we men who is:

  1. Someone who can handle conflict
  2. Someone who will be a spectacular parent
  3. Someone who prays

A humble person–we all mess up      –do they show empathy, are they willing to serve, are passionate for others, do they want to grow as much as you want to change

   –test: can tell you what god is convicting them of TODAY

  1. Someone who is a giver not a taker

   -taker is always about them, always ask for something in return, look at how they treat others

  1. Is Holy Spirit active in their life? Fruit of spirit noticeable (they fear God, convicted by God when they sin, is God Active in life, opens their souls about god–Galatians 5:19-23

Can’t love someone with addiction. Can’t cherish wife and addiction

Prayer requests:  Dirty Deeds continuation of grieving process; Harry Caray flies to Indiana for important meeting tomorrow: pray for travel safety and confidence in meeting;  Pray for traveling mercy to all PAX out of town this week; Billy Blanks: pray for appointment with wife next Monday  while trying to start a family. Pray for patience and peace knowing that God will provide

Not a bunch of chatter this morning. I think we are all still a little sad from losing an hour of sleep this week. It was great to go back to some basic exercises to get a burn again. Keep working hard men.