January 3, 2020

Ring of Fire at The Bullseye

It was wet

Ring of Fire :
1 round = 2 rotations

pax 1 – (All rounds) rucked a lap around the parking lot

pax 2 – (rd 1)slam balled(rd 2) feet together slam (rd 3) chest pass

pax 3 – (rd 1) CMU curls (rd2) CMU over head (rd3) CMU swings

pax 4 – (rd1) Sand bag toss (rd2) sand bag squat (rd3) sand bag bent over rows

Mary – LBC’s, BBSU, plank & shoulder taps

COT – Inspired by teachers pet and his M. I want to be better at reflecting on the years passed. Remembering the blessing and the trials the Lord has given. Practically I would like to start a journal/scrap book to help. This will be great to look at during the year at the end of it and ten years from now.

Prayer : TP’s dad – colonoscopy & grandad – kidney check up.

Moleskin: We ran to the barracks after cot and really enjoyed it. Planning on making that a thing any chance I get.

Workout Date: