April 27, 2020

Return of The Wolf

THE SCENE: No idea. It was so freaking early, I honestly have no idea what the elements were like. Seriously: who gets up this early? Whose idea was this?

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Mostly covered it. Probably.

SSH IC x 25
Walking Knee Hugs
Daisy Pickers IC x 10
Imperial Walkers IC x 10

THA THANG: Mosey to the Large Activity Field at Riverdale School. We completed three rounds of BOMBS with a 100 yard “sprint” after each set to catch our breath.

  • Burpees (R1 = 10, R2 = 20, R3 = 10)
  • Olympians* (R1 = 20, R2 = 30, R3 = 10)
  • Merkins (R1 = 30, R2 = 40, R3 = 10)
  • BBS (R1 = 40, R2 = 50, R3 = 10)
  • Squats (R1 = 50, R2 = 60, R3 = 20)

*Olympians = squat jump with shoulder press at the top. Completely made up because YHC wasn’t satisfied with other “O” exercises. GET OVER IT.

LBC IC x 20, Box Cutters IC x 10, Gas Pumps IC x 10, Flutter Kicks IC x 10, 60 sec plank finisher

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA: Black Diamond, Hobo, Landline, William E. Blanks, Cpt. O

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM: Things are shaky in the world and will most likely continue to be for some time. As leaders, our job is to be an unwavering display of courage, calmness and stability. When you feel unsteady/queasy/seasick on a boat, one of the things that often helps is to find the horizon. Focus on that and you’ll often regain your sense of balance. Be the horizon for your family, or at least be the one continually pointing them toward it.

MOLESKIN: It was, by all accounts, good to be back together. Most of us haven’t done much during the shutdown, and it showed. LOOKING AT YOU, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. One of us is training for Selection for some reason. LOOKING AT YOU, HOBO. Part of Hobo’s training includes now wearing a weighted vest during workouts. The last guy that did that around here ended up working for the government. LOOKING AT YOU, SPECIAL AGENT SLOTS. Instead of PLC, we talked about shaking babies. YHC chose not to take photos of that conversation, for obvious reasons. Cobains.

Announcements: Arcadia will be open every Mon and Wed until A) the city shuts us down or B) we all get sick or C) the Lord comes back

Captain Obvious
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