October 17, 2018

Rest for the Weary: Reflections on (self-imposed) Exile

    • Just the best 47* weather anyone could ask for; clear skies for stargazing.
    • Almost forgot it (but didn’t). Almost didn’t need it (and didn’t). 
    • 8 sets of Jog, Run, Sprint (Slow Mosey, Mosey, and Bob Ross Mosey?) in 30/20/10 second intervals (12:00) 
    • 8 sets of Imperial Squat Walkers, Mountain Climbers, Side Straddle Hops, and Bodybuilders in 20/10 second work/rest intervals (18:20)
  • MARY:
    • 5 sets of 30/60/30 second planks with 15-30 second rests (14:40)
    • 6 PAX (0 FNGs) + 1 Cujo for pre-BC ruck: BAM!, Tabor (Cujo), Choker, Woodpecker, Orange Julius, Commie, & Granola
    • 8 PAX (0 FNGs) for BC: Commie, Woodpecker, Orange Julius, Tree Hugger, Soulja Boy, Gilligan, Choker, Granola

    • For my first Q back from Favrean retirement, I combined a few workouts I had been doing since “quitting” F3 back in July (download it here–good for active recovery days or naps).
    • The frequent, early morning workouts were taking a toll on my family, marriage, and health. My earlybird 2.0 resented me going out in the morning instead of spending time with him. The early mornings meant I had limited time to spend with the M and even then I still didn’t get enough sleep. I was exercising more frequently than I could handle. Something had to give.
    • It takes effort to stay plugged into the F3 machine. The move to Slack was the proverbial needle that broke the camel’s back. For me, the juice just wasn’t worth the squeeze anymore. So I had planned to transition to a more reasonable sleep and exercise routine, capping of my time in F3 with what I thought would be a fun take on the Krispy Kreme Challenge. We already do dumb things and eat donuts afterward, I thought it’d be cool to consolidate the workout and coffeeteria into one event for the PAX. Free donuts for everyone.
    • But, being thin-skinned as I can be and Slack being what it is, my decision to quit was solidified by a sudden health consciousness concerning donuts. Something meant to be a fun send off became a sour Slack sound-off. I’d like to think I’ve played along with other fun unhealthy decisions. I just really didn’t need this noise.
    • So, why jump into GrowRuck 12 just 3 hours before startex after being away from F3 and rucking for months?
    • Besides Choker, Phat Pat, Rabbit, Bootheel, Soulja Boy, Cello, and Orange Julius (just to name a few) checking in on me…
      1. FOMO – it’s real. Rabbit asked me why I hadn’t planned to do GrowRuck and I told him that it was better suited for guys looking to put down roots in F3. For me, that ship had sailed. BUT, what if I ever came back to F3? As many PAX know on this side of GrowRuck: one does not simply reruck a GrowRuck.
      2. Fellowship – I saw a guy out in the community with an F3 patch on a blue rucker and had a sense that we shared a common brotherhood and should know each other, but didn’t. I later found out during GrowRuck that it was Daniel Tiger. I don’t want my 2.0s to get the idea that being butthurt is an acceptable reason to withdraw from community. I could think of no downsides of having thicker skin and felt like returning to F3 would model this for them.
      3. Faith – Seeing the PAX of @F3CapeFear mobilize, not just in the initial wake of Hurricane Florence, but commit to rebuild their community made me long for being a part of a community that would response like that should anything like that happen to Memphis. I know F3 Memphis would rise to the occasion to help rebuild the 901 if needed.

    • It’s good to be back.
    • The gratuitous amounts of rest breaks kept mumblechatter low as PAX dozed off in between “Siri’s attempts to kill us” (Choker’s words)
    • In a stunning display of spite and disdain for the PAX, my fully-charged phone waited until the workout was over before shutting down for the COT.
    • I forgot how much biking with a weighted ruck suuuuucks. My bike creaked ‘n groaned like it forgot I used to be 30# heavier.
    • Prayers for marriages and health concerns.
    • Service project tonight at Connect Language Center
      • Help us hang white boards. 8:30pm til we’re done. We need a hammer drill, regular drills, and levels, so please bring them if you’ve got them.
      • 5340 Quince Rd, Memphis, TN 38119
      • Contact Four Eyes with any questions
    • Eli Grow Legacy 8k Run/Walk/Ruck, 11/3 (Tullahoma, TN):
      Join Bruce and others at this run/ruck (F3 PAX are forbidden from walking) benefiting the Eli Grow Foundation. There’s also a 1-mile family run and a kids dash. Read more here.
    • If anyone felt cheated by the gratuitous amounts of rest breaks this morning, please let me make it up to you at Neverland Friday OR claim your refund from @Sleep Number (Joe Moore)’s Morg Q (also Friday).