March 6, 2019


    • Ashy Wednesday.
    • 22*F.
    • Two ruckers (Choker & BAM!) and a Cujo wrapping up a pre-bootcamp ruck.
    • OJ contemplating wearing a weighted vest to make this Q worth his time.
  • AO: The Porgly Morgly
  • QIC: Granola

    • F3-Obligatory Side Straddle Hop 60xIC
    • Soulja Boy-inspired Imperial Squat Walkers 30xIC
    • Windmills 15xIC
    • Arm Circles 7xIC
    • Modified Lazarus’s Bear-burp: Burpee pyramid ladder to 15 10, interspersing 75 50-foot bear crawls. 
    • Modified Carport’s Merkinfest: Merkin pyramids in sets of 5-10-15-10-5, interspersing Indian Run (ascending) and SSH (descending). 
    • Orange Julius’s Suicide Sprints. Rinse & Repeat.
    • Modified Choker’s A.M.R.A.P. T.U.R.D.S. (who doesn’t love a good AMRAP acronym?).
      • 2 rounds. 10 exercises. 60 30 seconds/exercise. 
      • I doused the exercise placards with water to keep them from blowing away. They had all frozen stiff by ENDEX.
  • MARY:
    • Commie’s Flutterkick/Plank Roulette.
      • Flutterkicks 60xIC
      • Various regretful planks
      • Flutterkicks 23xIC
    • 7 PAX (0 FNGs): Choker, Commie, Flobee, Granola, Orange Julius, Wall Builder, and Woodpecker.
    • I was talking to Mr. Wonderful about a reputation I seemed to have garnered at work (that I workout every day). While there are worse reputations to be had, it bothered me because it isn’t true and I think it sends the wrong message about what it means to be healthy. Chronic exercise is unhealthy.

      MrW said I probably got that reputation not because of what I actually do or believe, but because I talk about exercise a lot at work. He was right. 

      While on one hand, we do well to not “read our own press” (lest we feed our conceited hearts), on the other hand, we can’t avoid having a reputation. As such, we might as well learn from it.

      I plagiarized today’s Q from the reputation of various PAX. I didn’t tell Commie that I’d ask him to Q 5 minutes of flutterkicks and planks because his reputation precedes him. Reputation sets expectation.

      What is your reputation like? At home, at work, on social media? 

      Within the Christian tradition, today marks the start of the Lenten season (Ash Wednesday). Many Christians reflect on their need for repentance, for from ashes we were created and to ashes we will return. Historically, this reflection is accompanied by some sort of self-denial. With the prevalence of social media, many choose to abstain from social media in this season to focus attention and energy elsewhere and to reflect on why and how they use social media.

      For me, I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends (and scroll memes), Twitter to encourage crappy companies and other F3 regions to do better, Instagram to catalog pictures (also star course prep), Strava to track rucks, and Slack to keep up with F3Memphis. After posting this BB I’ll be radio silent to enjoy this season.

      Here’s to an insightful and growth-filled Lent.