January 23, 2021


Shorts weather. 4 pre-rucked and 2 pre-ran. First Q of Paper Cut’s new dynasty.


Given succinctly.

None. The Thang started off slow to allow for warm up and then intensified accordingly.


Movements were completed immediately after All In each time in order to maintain constant and relentless movement without time for breaks.  PAX were instructed multiple times to take a break as needed and to modify as needed.

  • 5 Hand Release T Merkins ICx5
  • 5 Tempo Squats ICx5
  • 5 Flutter Kicks ICx5
  • 5 SSH ICx5
  • 5 Burpees OYOx5

From the release point, PAX bear crawled approximately 40 yards and at every set of cones that were set at  10-15 yards, PAX would do 1 merkin and continue bear crawling for a total of 4 merkins. Plank until all in.

PAX then ran suicides ending back at the release point.

PAX repeated the above, but increased reps to 10 the second time, 15 the third time, and 20 the 4th time with bearcrawl merkins and suicides after each round.

There was much relief that the count didn’t go to 25 reps a piece for the 5th round.

PAX then went back down and completed the series with 15 reps, 10 reps, and 5 reps.

  • Flutter Kicks ICx20
  • BBS OYOx20 or until time

Total Reps:

  • 80 HRM
  • 80 Tempo Squats
  • 100 Flutter Kicks
  • 80 SSH
  • 80 Burpees
  • 28 Merkins
  • 20 BBS

6 PAX – Bootheel, DHL, Speedy, Paper Cut, Bruce, Grimace (Q)

Remain relentless. The workout did not allow much time for rest, and PAX were encouraged to modify as needed throughout as heart rates were intentionally kept high. This workout should not be the hardest thing PAX did this day; perhaps physically, but they should strain to be just as relentless mentally, emotionally, and spiritually throughout the rest of the day as they were from 0450 to 0630.

That my grandfather recovers well from his triple bypass surgery, and that my grandmother gets the emotional support she needs.

If you’ve been waiting for this back blast and were severely let down by its significance to your life, you should:

1) Reevaluate your expectations of me

2) Reevaluate the significance of your life

3) Blame Gun Show

Also, I couldn’t tag Bruce in the PAX below.

Grimace was the Q
Workout Date: