November 30, 2018

Relay Teams

THE SCENE: 66 degrees and a whole lot of May without the rain, the pad was wet, but only from condensation!

SSH, IW, Hillbillies,Daisy Pickers, Daisy Shuffle, RDLs, Squats, 400m mosey, hip circles, wide hip circles, leg swings (for the groin!)
PAX split into (2) fireteams

30yd Out & Back Sprint Relay as a team – Burpees Wx5, Lx10
20yd O&B Sprint Relay individuals, team hold Al Gore – Burpees Wx5, Lx10
15yd O&B Sprint Relay individuals, team holds plank – Burpees Wx5, Lx10
10 yd O&B Sprint Relay individuals, team holds plank – Burpees Wx5, Lx10

Q makes team speed adjustment

Fireteams have 6 minutes to complete 500 squats as team
Mark, Set, “oh and btw, squats must be completed atop the parking deck” GO!
Losers fireman-carry winners to elevators for an easy ride down

Mosey back to Launch-Pad

Fireteams crumble to partners
Plow Sprints alternating partners x3
Chaser Sprints alternating partners x3

30 seconds of Flutter kick
10 PAX (1 FNG -Lodge)
YHC committed to focusing on taking a Sabbath through the last of the year due to impending (current) chaos. That commitment, some may call it a standard, is currently not being met. Excuses are made of hectic life-things: kids, jobs, travel, non-central concentrica issues, buying a new house.

Confessions of weakness and spite were shared in an effort to shine light into darkness. PAX were exhorted to acknowledge failure when it occurs and pray for help to make improvements.
Relays are great. Fireman carries are YHCs new favorite exercise… watch out!
St. Jude is this weekend. Fight for Micah!