March 25, 2019

Relay For (A Better) Life


It was warm and moist.


PAX were welcomed and disclaimed.  NO ONE thought that they were looking at a professional.


Hillbillies IC x10

Daisy Pickers IC x15

Imperial Walkers IC x15

Arm Circles IC x10 each way

SSH IC x15

Free stretch for 1 minute


PAX partnered up and the work out was relay style.  The long tables in the park were the Legs side, and the playground was the Arms side.  Each PAX and their partner started opposite, and as they finished the exercise on each side, met at the flag for a relay race style tag.  While waiting for partners at the flag, PAX held Al Gore or High Plank.

Arm Side exercises: Pull-Ups, Merkins, Dips

Leg Side exercises: Box Jumps, Squats, Mountain Climbers

All exercises AMRAP with a cap at 50 reps.  (I am not sure how many PAX got to 50 pull-ups).Relay with partner until time up.


Box Cutters IC x10

LOL IC x10 each side

American Hammers IC x10

Merkins IC (slow count) x5

Stopped 2 minutes short.  Handsy objected.  Someone please refund him 2 minutes worth of a work out!!  QIC was unable to do more.


16 PAX (no FNG’s) Bottomless, One and Done, Alterboy, Crayfish, Dewey, Windex, MIB, Chiochetti, Baron, Rabbit, Gus, Teacher Pet, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Mudslide, Handsy, Fishbowl


My wife and I are both pastors.  We often get caught up in trying to be a prophetic voice to others about God.  We are often leading prayer groups, bible studies, and worship.  I had a stark realization that we were lacking in turning our own things over to God.  We have been trying harder to realize that following Gods will, not trying to force God into our will, is a better way to live a spirit filled life.


I am constantly amazed at the brotherhood that is so easily formed in F3.  I appreciate being cheered on for my VQ, held accountable when I am absent, and pushed when I need it to get better.


Crucible is Saturday.  No meeting at Old Forrest on Wednesday for Convergence.