January 3, 2018

Recess with Coach Phat Pat

DATE: Wednesday, 1/3/18

AO: Old Forest

QIC: Phat Pat

PAX: Hitch, Toms, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Browns, Backyardigan, Beauty Shop, Recoil, Harbaugh (FNG), Dewey (FNG), Bookworm, Anklet, Four Eyes, Roga, Teacher’s Pet, Pirtle, Moana, Shoestring, Lazarus, Handsy (Irish goodbye)

Conditions: A cloudy and nipply 16°F. Ground was also frozen as Shoestring twice attempted to break soil with the shovel flag (from the Barracks! Looking at you Four Eyes…). Third time was the charm.

WELCOME – To Recess with Coach Phat Pat! (I have a whistle and I’m not afraid to use it) 

DISCLAIMER – Major CUIDADOs were offered prior to posting. Only Soybean heeded the warning and Fartsacked (but not before some BIG talk). 

Played Follow the Leader around the parking lot median.

Slow Mosey

Mow Slosey

Squat Lunges

High Knees (yes I did say it)



Ruck Tag! 

Three Taggers with Rucks chased 17 PAX to their little hearts’ delight (about 12 minutes). Two Rules: Can’t stop (won’t stop) moving. And if you’re tagged, you do 30 Merkins and jump back in.

Additional Taggers mysteriously spawned during the game until 5 Taggers had almost all PAX on the ground doing Merkins.

Duck Duck Goose
Circle up. One Gooser calls out an exercise. PAX perform said exercise while Gooser Ducks, Ducks, Ducks, and eventually Gooses. Upon said goosing, the Gooser and the Goosed now Bear Crawl around the PAX circle. First one back to the empty spot joins the PAX. Max trip of two times around the Ducks. New Gooser now calls out a new exercise.

Exercises: Merkins, Sqauts, Spider Burpess, Side Straddle Hops, Hello Dolly!, American Hammers, and one more?

One Glooming Moment happened when an unsuspecting PAX Goosed Pyrtle looking for a chicken to out crawl. Turns out Pyrtle is half Gorilla, half Alien and smoked the Gooser within five paces! This blew apart the SNOT WOGGLE and the PAX erupted in MUMBLE CHATTER.

BFF Teacher’s Pet missed this One Glooming Moment while splashing merlot by a tree.

Piggyback Races!

PAX pair up according to size. One PAX jumps on the other’s back. On “Go!” the first group of PAX run to the end of the parking lot, quickly switch positions, and second group of PAX run back to the starting line. Last place is out and must do Burpees for the rest of the races. Rinse and Repeat until a champion is crowned!

The races were filled with testosterone. Two groups of PAX ate asphalt at one point. The final came down to Toms & Hitch vs. Bookworm & Recoil. Bookworm & Recoil take the crown by two steps!!!


7 Minutes of Mary (behind the bleachers), dealer’s choice style: Flutter Kicks, ABC’s, American Hammers, Jane Fonda’s, finished off with shoulder exercises.



COT / BOM: Q shared that the abiding joy available in Christ can make even the worst situations tolerable. Remember who you are in Him, and the price the Sky-Q paid to set you free. Worst case scenario He brings you through the trial because you have unfinished business. Best case scenario the Sky-Q takes you home! Rejoice in that!

MOLESKIN: 20 PAX showed up for Recess. Workout was developed while listening to Lazarus for an hour during our evening Ruck (shout out to Laz!). At least two PAX splashed merlot, one took a ten, and two ate asphalt. The Q’s heart grew three times that morning… 🙂