March 27, 2018

Reading Rainbow and Learning how to Swing

THE SCENE: A windy 57 degrees. Even windier as Slots sped in the parking lot like Jeff Gordon (only because we can understand his syllables.



SSH x15 IC 4 CT

Slow Squats (3 sec down/ 1 up) x15 IC 4 CT

Imperial Walkers x15 IC 4 CT

Arm circles x20 forward and x20 reverse


Inverted rows on swing (under dogs) x12
10 Pull-ups or 30 sec hold
Swerkins—Push up with feet in swing then knee to chest x12
Hanging toe touch x10
Push ups on swings
Oxidative split squats (2 sec down/2 sec up) x 10 each leg
Mosey to baseball
1sprint around the bases
1 push up, 1 squat, 1sit up
1 sprint around the bases
3 push up, 3 squat, 3sit up
1 sprint around the bases
5 push up, 5 squat, 5 sit up


Suzanne Summers Squat series: 10 Regular, 10 Wide, 10 Narrow  then rinse and repeat with toes pointed out for 10 reps of each

YHC read out of James 5 from the Message. Read it for yourself and see what speaks to you. Verses 1-3 are big to me since I want to work again, but is it for the right reason? Don’t just try to make money. Make sure to give tangible and non-tangible goods. Verses 7-8 help me look at what am I doing to prepare for the Lord’s return. What am I doing to help others in hearing the news. Lastly, (cutoff because I could talk all day) verse 9 is a pound to the chest. Make sure we communicate with others and don’t just complain. Complaining gets you nowhere.

It was a great morning where a PLC was provided by Slots! Thanks AOQ and being late was totally worth that. We are learning to get creative on the playground. Let’s keep pushing each other. If you want another take on the COT, look at what Slots wrote on Groupme. It’s very educated and looms better than what i can put into words.

King of the Bluff is coming this monday. So show up to the Levee and lets all shout a rousing hoorah for being crowned champions! Team effort, amiright Lair and Annex?