August 1, 2019

Range Day with our new Bear Gun!

THE SCENE: An upper 60ºs morning with a wonderful fog to give today’s AO, or gun range, the perfect lighting. I knew we were going to get to shoot a new gun so it was hard for YHQ to not let the excitement show. Shorts weather but sleeves also acceptable here at the very military uniformed Cockpit.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Safety is always rule one at the range. So it was properly delivered as one shot to the center of the 10 ring!

You could taste the electricity in the air at this point. YHQ told the PAX a new firearm is waiting for our enjoyment and they were energized!

  • SSH IC x25
  • Arm Circles IC x10F then x10B
  • Daisy Pickers IC (SLOW AS GOD INTENDED) x10
  • Imperial walkers IC x15
  • Merkins OYO x 10
  • Mosey to the long range target of the walking track (far park bench). During this leasurly stroll our youthful PAX were hungry for a higher caliber run. So YHQ sighted in our target and fired them toward it. They ran with a joy that seemed it could last forever, but that ammo was going to run out shortly.
  • Upon arriving at the far target all PAX completed
    x20 Derkins and
    SSH IC x25
  • Mosey back to StartX for
    x10 Merkins and
    SSH IC x15

I expected more confusion since this was a 5 step operation but these were trained firearms experts who understood immediately how this set of excercises would mimic the firing of a gun. As soon as the range went hot, with a well curated soundtrack of gun themed tunes, the PAX turned this into a weapon of mass destruction!

The Bear Gun – A set of exercises that mimic the operation of a gun with the PAX traveling downrange as the projectile and striking a target. Then reload and shoot again based on PAX magazine capacity.

  • Hammer x10
  • Burpee x1 (shout “bang!” on jump)
  • Bear crawl to target
  • Exploding Jump Squat when you hit target
  • Reload = Lunge walk alternating with sprint
  • 12 round Mag was the call but this was too much powder. We did x5!After the first four shots one PAX ran off to splash (no proof says the PAX) and all the PAX looked like they were a bit sore from the recoil of this new weapon. Clearly we were all out of ammo!

    So a short reload was needed and over at the Pavilion the PAX produced

  • SSH IC x15
  • Carolina Dry Docks x20
  • Wall sit x 2min
  • Merkins x10

    Sprint to Short range target (yellow poles at end of parking lot) then back to StartX.

  • SSH IC x15

With our PAX looking like they had loaded up again, we returned to the range to continue firing The Bear Gun. Another PAX splashed 2 shots in and by the 3rd round it was clear our magazines (and Time) would only allow an 8 round capacity today.

Gomer lead us in a full-auto flutter kick for 60seconds and then the bell rang.
(5 PAX 0 FNGs) Tree Hugger, Gomer, Pillsbury, Choker, GunShow (QIC)
(2 splashes – one disputed)
Having HIMs on every side made it easy to remind everyone that we need to be passing on and pouring into the next generation of family and community.
Oh the Bear Gun will return soon! “Just let me know when so I can Q somewhere else.” means it was well loved! I think this may be the official traveling Gun Show from now on!
Several mentions of sick 2.0s, next weekend’s travel for the GF morons, a praise for good medical reports and YHQ forgot to mention the 2 year anniversary.