July 7, 2020

Ramp work

warm and muggy


Not a professional, not paying to be here, modifications ok, stay 6 feet apart

SSH x20

Windmills x10

Butt kickers 60 sec

Arm Circles:  little x5, big x5, reverse

Emperial Walkers x15?

Mosey to Bleachers

One more time Daft Punk
Every time we heard “one more time,” pax did a pull-up (or Aussie pull-up). side straddle hops during the “downtime.” We did about 27 Pull-ups! 5:20

Mosey to Union Ave. exit ramp

Partner up with pax with similar running pace.  Partners will run up the exit ramp to the top, do 5 burpees, and run down.  While we wait for our turn other PAX will do:

Mountain Climbers

Smurf Jacks

Carolina Drydocks

We rotate exercise after each pair returns.

Then about 6:08 we moseyed back to startex

Flutter kicks until all-in

Insert PAX Count & FNG Name


Before we can dream of a new world, the truth of what is must be spoken. Before creating new systems of justice, the old systems must be brought down. But people in power have a vested interest to keep the current systems in place. In fact, some empower will seek to squash the truth in order to keep the status quo. Great energy will go to suppressing truth rather than listening.

The first step to real systemic change is listening. What do I mean by systemic? I mean that one thing is connected to another. So for instance, police brutality is connected to racism. And also to to weapons (120 handguns for every 100 people in US). All of this is connected to incarceration—or the new slavery. The US has 5% of the world’s population but over 20% of the worlds incarcerated people. And African Americans are incarcerated at more than 5x the rate of whites.

So when you see a video of a black man as a victim of violence from a police officer, you’re not just seeing 2 individuals, but a system of injustice.  So, the question is how am I maintaining the status quo, the current systems of injustice?  How do I benefit from them?  What fears do I have if they change?  How is that an obstacle to speaking the truth and working for justice?  Why am I not being honest?

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