October 8, 2019

raising hips

THE SCENE: The Green Mile. Beautiful october sunrise over the lake.

SSH x 20 IC

Imperial Walker x 12 IC

Hillbillies x 12 IC

Daisy Picker x 12 IC


Started off with a quick little message to discuss during first mile with a partner, Just wanted everyone to be thinking about goals. How is 2019 different from 2018? What has been working and what has not been working? What do you want to carry over in to 2020?

  1. Mile 1: counter-clockwise around lake, plank until all are in, 50 hip raises on left side
  2. Mile 2: clockwise around lake, plank until all are in, 50 hip raises on right side
  3. Mile 3: to the stoplight at the intersection of Walnut Grove near Patriot Lake, along-the-way sprinting alongside partner for approx 100m, and then 20 Merkins IC at stoplight
  4. Mile 4: finish up run back to shovel flag

7 PAX – Upgrade (QIC), Bookworm, Speaker, Teacher’s Pet, Sparky, Pirtle, Steinbrenner
I talked about how unmotivated I felt last week, not just in F3, but in my work as well. I realized it was because I didn’t have anyone I was really thoughtfully praying for and thinking about throughout the week. I do so much better in life if I have a friend or family member I’m checking up on and encouraging. Lighting a fire under others lights a fire under yourself. It’s a great motivator. Earlier this week after posting at Blue Collar with Farmer, he messaged me and told me “thank you for pushing me this morning!”. It may have been a short and sweet message, but it made me realize how important it is show up for your job or for F3 and be there for others, not just yourself. I ended the COT mentioning how we do all of this to glorify God and that the attention shouldn’t ever be on us.