January 21, 2021

Q1 2021 VAPE – Double our impact

This mission is unchanged. F3 exists to plant grow and serve small men’s workouts for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Vision – Double our impact

Articulation – Sad Clown Syndrome continues to plague our nation and our city.

Planning – opportunities abound to accelerate the mission of F3:

  • Q more frequently (or for the select few, Q less frequently – you know who you are)
  • Take on an AOQ role
  • Train up an AOQ to take your role
  • help organize a 1st/2nd/3rd F event
  • 2.0 Q 
  • lead new workout formats – yoga, cycling, swimming?, ________
  • plant new AOs
  • Add more workout days at existing AOs
  • plant F3 in nearby regions

Execution – “Doubling our impact” can be measured subjectively and objectively. The first step is taking action

2020 by the numbers:
* 1641 workouts
* 12,962 PAX attended
* 431 different PAX posted
* 194 FNGs
7.8 PAX/workout

Currently: 39 workouts/week across 20 AOs

1st F opportunities to lead – reach out to Hobo to get involved

  • Planning CSAUP events across the city
  • Hosting quarterly fitness challenges

2nd F opportunities to lead – reach out to Teacher’s Pet to get involved

  • PLC – it seems normal in Memphis but is actually rare nationwide. It makes a HUGE difference.
  • Reach out to a PAX you haven’t seen lately. It could be just what they needed
  • Take on 2nd F Q

3rd F opportunities to lead – reach out to Cheezesteak to get involved

  • Pre-work is a great opportunity to ask “How are your Fs?”
  • Join/Start a shieldlock
  • Labor intensive events

Final challenge:
F3 gets stronger when leadership roles rotate. By the end of 2021, I want every role in F3 Memphis to be lead by a new man. Step up or train the next man up and get out of his way!

Workout Date: