June 6, 2018

Q School at the Levee

THE SCENE: Perfect 65 degrees

The disclaimer was given and a longer intro for Q school.

SSH IC x20
IW IC x20
Little man in the woods IC x10
Burpees OYO x5
SSH IC x20(First 10 IC out loud and last 10 silent)
Penalty Burpees for not finishing as a group x10
Mosey to the football field

Flutter kicks waiting for the 6. Then used the football field for the Thang.

Charles Bronson:
Starting at goal line, pax complete 50 reps of a called exercise. When complete, pax run 100 yds to the other goal line and then bear crawl to the back of the end zone. When complete, run back to start and SSH til all-in. Exercises were as follows:
Burpees x50 (The pax complaining level was crazy high! Acted like they had never heard of the number fifty and burpees in the same sentence.  WEAK SAUCE! They did however complete the burpees…barely.)
BBS x50 (All the complaining went silent during BBS. You could hear nothing but birds chirping.)
Merkins x50 (Now the only sounds were midwife noises. Lots of grunting)
Squats x50
SSH x50
Mosey back to Shovel Flags. Half way back, had to wait for the 6. So we did 30 Mountain Climbers waiting for the 6.

Flutter Kicks IC x30
Hello Dolly IC x20
Aww Yeah! IC x10 each arm. (this exercise is based off our favorite Slack emoji)

21 pax and 2 FNG’s (Walk-On and Hamm)

As Q, you are responsible for the outcome.  Being responsible for the outcome comes with a lot of weight.  We all need to be Q’s in every aspect of our lives. Don’t be a bum and just expect life to fall into place. Be responsible for the outcome in your personal life as well as a F3 workout. Being responsible requires work.  Do work!

YHC really enjoyed being with the Levee pax today.  It was an amazing group of men and I would love to Q there any time.  I was really encouraged by how many men were there to enjoy the gloom together and get better.

Millington Launch next week.  EH any Sad Clowns from Millington!