July 29, 2020

Q 345, Where’s our Weasel Shaker?

THE SCENE:  Dawson greeted me in the parking lot ready to ruck after running laps around the track.  A quite morning other than more and more track stars pulling in.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I am not on q today, just filling in for Beauty Shop.  We’re going to go for miles.  Let’s go!

WARM-O-RAMA:  Ruck up.  Step off.  Two laps around the library quad to wait for stragglers.

THA-THANG:  Around Walker Ave. across the bridge, past the new rec center, down Spottswood, up Patterson, to Central, down Zach Curlin, and around campus.  3.35 miles.

MARY:  none

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  3 PAX; Dawson, Daniel Tiger, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:  Importance of the 4rth core principle, shared leadership and the mission of F3.

MOLESKIN:  Fantastic sunrise. Great conversations about the current state of world affairs, sold out gun stores, mask wearing, and the concept of ‘freed to lead’.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Prayers for our schools and students.

Tomb Raider
Workout Date: