February 8, 2018

Pyramids in the Park

THE SCENE: A crisp 26° and clear – Moana on Q!

15x Side Straddle Hops IC
15x Cotton Pickers IC
15x Arm Circles IC
15x Windmills IC


Pyramid Scheme
Mosey to three different locations and perform a pyramid of exercises increasing reps by 5, starting at 5 going up to 25, and back down.

Pyramid #1 –
*Alternating Single arm Single leg Planks – Both sides = 1
*Freddy Mercury – Both sides = 1

Mosey to the pavilion with the benches.

Pyramid #2 –

PAX were only able to get up this pyramid before time got too tight. This is now the 2nd time General Moana tried to kill the PAX with impossible amounts of tasks to perform. Moseyed to last pyramid at Startex.

Pyramid #3 –
*Sprints – 25 yards and back, then 50 yards and back
*Bear-Crab Crawls – 10 yards Bear, Crab back, then 25 yards
*Sprints – 25 yards and back, then 50 yards and back

15x Little Baby Flutter Crunches IC (a Moana favorite)
5x Windshield Wipers

PAX did not look intelligent performing either of these Mary exercises.

17 PAX, 1 FNG (Po), and 1 MerlotSplash (also Po!)

Wood Pecker had to hand off the ManeChain to Granola for SPONSORING Po.

We are the men and we need to man up. The difference between Adam and David was David eventually understood and owned up for his sin against the LORD. Read part of Psalm 51.

Adam tried to blame God for his sin (Gen. 3:12). We must take responsibility for our decisions and our sin as we are the ones who are accountable.

FNG (Po) was almost named Splash Pad or Wretched Ralph, because he yacked HARD on the pavement during Name-O-Rama & COT. PAX had to wait to name him until he could recover.

Moana is a brutal dictator during the workout but a wise spoken HIM during the COT. Just what The Morglians need!

End of the service project at Mrs. Bailey’s house this Saturday!
Checking out a new Thursday coffeeteria spot at Mama’s BBQ this morning. (It was a raving success!)