February 22, 2019

Pyramid Schemes at the Barracks

THE SCENE: Rain. Lots of rain. YHC usually applies body lubricants based on temperature and expected activity duration. YHC needs to add precipitation into this formula. Regret.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done – Issued a special warning to the PAX re: lightning. If you see something, say something.

Mosey around track about 1.33 laps – butt kickers, high knees, side shuffle, and backwards. Assembled the PAX to deliver instructions.

YHC recycled, and slightly modified, a recent workout at The Levee. The first time I did this, we did run/jog/merkins. This time, we did run/merkins/jog, which worked a lot better. All around the track, so no one gets left behind. The one downside is you end up running alone a lot of the time. 

Soybean’s Interval Pyramid Scheme:
1 minute Run; 30 seconds AMRAP Merkins; 1 minute Jog
2 min Run; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins; 2 min Jog
3 min Run; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins; 3 min Jog
4 min Run; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins; 4 min Jog
3 min Run; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins; 3 min Jog
2 min Run; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins; 2 min Jog
1 min Run; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins; ~2 minute jog back to start 

With our last few minutes we did flutter kicks, hello dolly’s, a set of V-Ups (with lots of midwife noises), and a brief low plank hold.

11 PAX, no effin’ Gs

From the Q Source article on King (link):

“A man’s Right relationship with himself – his Fitness – begins with his body…

“These fragile bodies of ours are what we are given to house our souls. Life, the thing so precious to each person that he will fight tooth and nail to preserve it, is contained within this bag of flesh, muscle and bone we call the body. How can the soul prosper if the body withers? And wither it will, if we don’t put it into motion against continually steeper hills and heavier rocks. The body is made to be used. Let it lie fallow, and it will not produce a good crop. But if it is well plowed and carefully tended, the result will be a bounty of Preparedness.”

Don’t settle. Keep pushing yourself. 

Another great morning at the Barracks. Toms’ magic watch told him he needs three days to recover based on his heart rate and stuff. Take that for data. We probably averaged around 3.75 miles, with the faster guys clocking ~4.5.

TCLAPs to:

  • Altar Boy for taking AOQ and running with it (pun intended). You’re doing a real bang-up job.
  • Snookie for sticking it out while dealing with some ankle issues.
  • Jail Bait for getting a job offer and the PAX at large for the prayer support.
  • Handsy for offering to help find Toms’ keys in his shorts. #ServiceOverSelf (To whom is “his” referring? You had to be there.)
  • Easily Amused for all of the great music he’s given us over the years.
  • Dewey for all of the great music he’s given us over the years.
  • MIB for not erasing our memories…that we know of.
  • Nature Boy for embracing the inner loop. 
  • Bookworm for honoring his M and Mammon every morning, even if it means missing out on coffeeteria with the PAX.
  • Toms for the encouraging discouragement?

Prayers for Handsy’s dad heading into surgery today and for YHC’s family as we deal with foster care drama.