February 8, 2019

Pyramid Schemes Actually Work

THE SCENE: Cold and crisp. Perfect running weather.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: Done hastily at 0530

Repeat from Blue Collar on Monday. PAX start in a circle with fast feet (knees bent slightly, quick stepping in place), PAX 1 counts to 5, everyone hits the deck (flying-squirrel-burpee-style), recover, continue fast feet. Next PAX counts to 5, etc around the circle. We did two rounds.

Gus, who was not present, wants to call these “Up-Downs” because of football. I never played football. Captain Obvious, who was present, offered the following:

This reminds me of a football drill …. I never played football though …. I’ve watched a lot of football movies …. Rudy …. Remember the Titans …. Necessary Roughness …. Kathy Ireland

So there you have it. Mosey! On the way to the main driveway, we did butt-kickers, high knees, carioca, and ran backwards. 

YHC contemplated a lot of options for the Levee. In the end, I decided to bring some Barracks flavor to Germantown. Odds are you will be seeing this again. YHC designed an EXACT 400m track on the main driveway using Google Maps. We circled that thing a thousand times.

Soybean’s Interval Pyramid Scheme:
1 minute Run; 1 minute Jog; 30 seconds AMRAP Merkins
2 min Run; 2 min Jog; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins
3 min Run; 3 min Jog; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins
4 min Run; 4 min Jog; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins
3 min Run; 3 min Jog; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins
2 min Run; 2 min Jog; 30 sec AMRAP Merkins
1 min Run

Mosey back to start. 


6 PAX, no effin’ Gs

I read an article recently about patriotism. The quote at the end is excellent. The author warns about extreme optimism vs. extreme pessimism, then calls us to be a mixture of both. Think about this quote in relation to your country, political party, company, F3, church, etc. 

“Do you hate it enough to change it, and yet love it enough to think it worth changing?”

Chesterton on Patriotism, with an Application to U.S. Elections

I think everyone hated what we did today. I know I did. My Fitbit calculated 3.75 miles. It’s not always super accurate, but that feels about right considering we basically ran for 36 minutes straight. TCLAPS to the whole crew for not throwing up their hands and leaving. Great fellowship afterwards at the Region’s Original (but less hospitable) Second Best Java Joint. The Levee was quieter today now that King of the Bluff is over. Whaddya know.