September 26, 2018

Pyramid in the Park

Scene: Dark and damp.


SSH x 25

Windmills x 20



hand release merkins (plank til all in)
bbsu (flutterkick til all in)
smurf jacks (calf raises til all in)

mosy around the park and do this group of exercises for varying reps at different locations:

startex – 5 reps each

mosy to old parking lot – 10 reps

gazebo – 15 reps

pavilion – 20 reps

veterans memorial – 25 reps

new road – 20 reps

cricket field parking lot – 15 reps

bridge – 10 reps

endex – 5 reps

total: 125 reps of each

PAX pushed hard throughout.  We got done in time for some round robin mary:

woodpecker – american hammer
gilligan – bicycle crunch
orange julius – nolan ryans
ramrod – mountain climbers
mr wonderful – catalina wine mixer
granola – plank jacks
choker – awe-yeahs
sleep number – pickle pounders
commie – jane fondas


said something like this:

I worked hard the last several months getting myself ready for Growruck.  It kept me accountable to push myself and post as much as possible so I could do my best. When we started those squats at grow ruck, I was quickly humbled. I’d worked so hard to get ready for this and I realized I was still not at all ready, and shouldn’t be there.  I kept a bad attitude most of the night. During the log carry at some point I started thinking about just quitting, even though that meant I couldn’t show my face around F3 anymore.  I didn’t care about that pain, I just over it and really wanted some dry socks. Thankfully I couldn’t think of a way home. It wasn’t until Four Eyes spoke at the end that my mind really got right. I finally remembered that it wasn’t about one night, but that it was about what the last 8 months have meant for me, and what the future looks like together. When we were in the sand at the end, I was pretty sure it was over. I also know that if we had to have another sand fight, go back up crab mountain, or whatever else, that we were all prepared to do it and finish well together.
After using Growruck as motivation to push myself for so long, I was planning on taking a step back for a while after it was over. When I was laying there hurting at some point on Sunday, I was more eager than ever to get back to work in the gloom with F3. I felt like I needed to post, even though my body wasn’t near ready.  I’m thankful that the truths of this brotherhood are real, even when my selfishness distracted me from them. I’m excited to be a part of this group, continuing to prepare for whatever is next in life, so that we can share more victory together.


It’s so good to have Granola back.