October 26, 2018

Put a little “C” in it!

fo shizzle it drizzle


Running on pretty limited sleep, but woke up with 20 minutes to get there.  When I was getting ready to leave I heard a distress call from my 6 yr old.  She had just awoken from a nightmare.  The horror involved her sister getting scratched by a strange cat that she tried to pet.  I got her back in bed and calmed down, but was sad to have abandoned such a great opportunity to discuss more on how horrible cats are.  I tried later, but she was quick to point out that she’d been asking for a kitten, not a cat.  I made it to the Morg at exactly 5:30, according to my old Timex, which thankfully is around a minute and half slow.  Then gave a lousy disclaimer and began SSH’s while I resumed waking up and trying to remember what we were going to do.

I was very happy to see Mr. Wonderful.  I wasn’t in the mood for 100 burpees, nor will I ever be.

SSH x 30

Windmills x 20

Chinook x 15

Mosy around parking lot to road over there.

20 Merkins

Bear Crawl up the hill to the playground.

3 x 5 pull ups on the playground

Crawl Bear back down.

LBC until all in.


Mosy around over to the concession stand.  It was closed again.

Do this on bleachers:

20 dips

20 step-ups each leg (too wet for box jumps)

20 derkins

        wall sit until all in

R&R x 2


1 minute of flutter kicks.

30 assorted LBC

Woodpecker, Choker, Wall Builder, Orange Julius, Sleep Number, Carport, Mr Wonderful


During one of the Mosy’s, I realized needed to come up with something to share in the COT.  I reached back into my brain and found a memory of me watching an episode of “Empty Nest*” with my mom when I was a kid.  In the episode Charlie, the neighbor, decided to get a personalized license plate.  He wanted something that would portray him of the ladies man that he is, so he decided to go with the word “lover.”  Since he an extra character to use, he wanted to make it more personal, so he added a “C” to make it “C” Lover.  His friends explained to him that it actually said “clover,” but I think he failed to see it.
*Empty Nest was sitcom in the late 80’s/early 90’s about a man who’s two adult daughters both came back to live with him.  I think it aired either before or after Golden Girls.

The PAX waited for the application of this illustration, but I had none.  Thankfully Sleep Number stepped up to explain the lesson.

“Always put a little C in it!”- Sleep Number

If anyone who hasn’t Q’d is hesitant because of having to lead a COT, don’t be.  Just know you can do better than I did today.  Any Jack Handy quote might be more inspiring.

Morg shirt order deadline today.

Ruck this weekend with sleep number.