January 24, 2019

Pull-up routine at the Cockpit.

THE SCENE: Crisp, clear,  and cold at the Cockpit. But Passport was waiting eagerly and early to post as YHC pulled up. The AOQ of the Cockpit showed up but quickly lamented that his shovel flag is not as big as the visiting AOQs shovel flag. 

The circle was complete when Choker showed up. 


Still not a professional.

Imperial Walkers   IC   15

Hillbillies     IC   15

Big arm circles/reverse   IC 10

Overhead claps    IC   25

Mosey lap around the track.

Gathered at the playground which has a decent monkey bar allowing for pullups. 

Performed a Pullup/Merkin routine as follows:

Pullups 10/Merkins 5

Pullups 8/Merkins 4

Pullups 6/Merkins 3

Pullups 4/Merkins 2

Pullups 2/Merkins 1

6-minutes alternating 20 merkins and 40 squats.

Repeated Pullup routine without the Merkins. Count to 10 between sets.


Mosey lap around the track. 


Pickle Pounders IC 15

WW1 Situps IC 15

Dying Cockroach IC 15 (Soulja Boy)

LBCs IC 15

Passport, Soulja Boy, Choker, Orange Julius (QIC)
Numbers 22

V34And Balaam said unto the angel of the LORD, I have sinned; for I knew not that thou stoodest in the way against me: now therefore, if it displease thee, I will get me back again.

Interesting Bible story of a man, Balaam, apparently a man of God, going his own way despite knowing better. He persists in his mission right down to the point where a donkey converses with him in human language. 

Although it is a bit of a drastic representation of foolish stubbornness so often we find ourselves blindly pursuing our own will when Gods voice is pushing us in another direction. 

While we may not have a talking donkey tell us when we are making a big mistake, we should be in tune with Gods voice and will for own lives.


Prayers for employment for Passport. 


Always love the Cockpit. Small group but big heart today! Pullups are just not fun. 
Lots of stuff ahead: Basketball game Sunday the 27th, Possible 2nd F lunches, See Slack for more details.