November 14, 2017

Psycho Sally, Vlad the Spy and an Indian Mile

Date: 11/14/2017

AO: The Berm

QIC: Tiny

17 PAX, 1 FNG (Vlad):  Gus, Outcast, Teachers Pet, Snookie, Lil Nicky, Oz, Import, Soybean, Rabbit, Dexter, Shy Guy, C-Lo, Shoestring, Pirtle, Lipton, and Tiny.

Conditions: Mid-30’s and clear with a Tiny chance of pain






Short Mosey around the parking lot

Side Straddle Hop IC  x 20

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Imperial Walkers IC x 15

Arm Circles:  20-30 seconds forward and backwards



Bring Sally Up :

When the song says “Bring Sally Up” Pax assume the ‘Merican up position, and when the song says “Bring Sally Down” PAX assume the ‘Merican down position. Pax will hold the down position until the next rep. Continue until the song is over for a total of 30 surprisingly brutal reps.

Indian Mile:

PAX line up for a modified Indian Run.  Each time a PAX sprints to the front of the line, the tribe stops to perform a celebratory trio of exercises consisting of 5 Thai Burpees (those didn’t last long), 10 Merkins, and 15 Squat Jumps.  After the last Pax has completed the trio, the tribe resumes running until the next PAX sprints to the front, thus calling for more celebratory exercises.  The party continues until either the entire tribe has taken the lead or the mile is complete – whichever comes last.



Hello Dolly IC x 20

Nolan Ryan’s IC x 10 each side

Sweat Angels IC x 20 (I think)




COT/BOM: Expectations vs Reality

Post Disclaimer:  Sorry this is a little long and if I rambled a bit but for some reason my EXPECTATIONS of my boss wanting me to make the Back Blast a top priority weren’t properly aligned with the plans he had for the day so I had to stop/start more than I planned.

In a state of Burpee/Merkin confusion and severe cotton mouth, Q shared that his thoughts on an article he recently read regarding Expectations vs Reality in your marriage.  If you surveyed a group of people and asked them “what do you see as the leading cause of divorce and marital issues” I am pretty sure that a vast majority of your respondents would tell you that the textbook answers of money, sex or communication are the leading causes.  However, many times these things are only the symptoms of the real issue – disparity between our Expectations of how marriage should be and the Reality of what real life looks like. When our expectations of what someone should do doesn’t align with the reality of what actually happens, it causes frustration that quite often ends up being taken out on our partner, thus spilling out into all aspects of our relationships.  But it’s not just our marriage that suffers from our expectations.  It can be applied to a number of different things in our daily lives.  For example, many people start up a rigorous diet/workout regimen only to completely fall off the wagon a couple of weeks later when they aren’t losing weight as quickly as they expected.  Other’s take on extra responsibility or close a big deal at their job and expect to receive a raise or promotion.  When the raise or promotion doesn’t happen, they feel denied and underappreciated even though a raise or promotion may have never been in the cards to begin with.  These feelings often spill over into their performance which ultimately has the complete opposite effect of what they set out to do in the first place.  There are so many places in our lives that our expectations of a situation won’t align with the reality that is around us but the last one I will mention is in our relationship with God.  This is something I have struggled with at times in the past, especially this year.  Sometimes when bad things happen I want to question God because I Expect things to be one way since I am doing my best to follow Him and abide by his word but in reality they seem to go in a totally opposite direction.  It’s times like these that I forget that my expectations are not greater than the reality of His plan, nor will they ever be.

When you find yourself upset or let down by things happening in your life, take a step back, observe the situation at hand and ask yourself, am I truly upset/bothered that this happened to me or am I only hurt because MY expectations were not met? Because the situation didn’t’ play out the way I had envisioned it?  Don’t let your expectations guide you. Real life isn’t Instagram.  Every day isn’t going to be picture perfect but your life is only as good as you will allow it to be.