October 25, 2018

prisoner burpees arent fun

THE SCENE: a damp cool 44 degrees

Disclaimer was advised multiple times to make sure all PAX were clear

SSH x 20       Imperial walker x 20      stretch OYO


Pax moseyed to the football field( about 1/2 a mile)

on the field Pax teamed up to perform 50 prisoner burpees(3 push ups), 150 BBSU, and 300 squats.

while one PAX did the work the other ran to the far endzone and back(200 yards total) until all reps were completed..

PAX had not had enough running so the Q decided to do every minute on the minute 50 yard sprints until 6 were completed.

PAX then moseyed back to the flag.

PAX planked until all in  from the mosey
10, billy blanks, raven, snowman, wide right, slicnut, Halpert, meter maid, wallstreet,  harbaugh, barney.
Q discussed a book, The Watchmen by Mark Cahill, based on the passage in Ezekiel 33.  A Watchman according to the passage was responsible for the city he watched over.  The Watchman would stand atop the city walls and scan the area for the enemy.  If an enemy was seen the Watchman would sound an alarm- a trumper or horn- warning the city of danger.  If the watchman did not do his job and people in the city died then the blood would be on his hands.  Jesus gave us a command to make the gospel known.  We all will spend eternity in one of two places and our job as Watchmen is to sound the alarm for everyone we come into contact with because we don’t know when that person will enter eternity.  Pax were encouraged to share their faith with anyone and everyone they come across everyday.
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