November 28, 2018

prepping for tha Jude #fight4Micah

THE SCENE: cold. very cold. too cold….crayfish wore ski pants cold.


  • SSH x 100 IC
  • Daisy Pickers x 10 IC (slow count)
  • Slow mosey around OF parking lot and re-convened in the Pavillion for tha-thang.


  • Jane Fonda – LEFT
  • Abductor leg lift – LEFT
  • Horse step – LEFT
  • Forearm side plank – LEFT (repeat on RIGHT side)


  • Glute lift – LEFT
  • Scorpion – LEFT
  • Shoulder stretch with Child’s pose – LEFT
  • Hamstring/Hip flexor combo stretch – LEFT
  • Step through groiner – LEFT
  • Pigeon – LEFT
  • Runner’s stretch push ups – LEFT (repeat on RIGHT side)


  • “Polka” stretch
  • Hip circles
  • “Polka” stretch with step back lung (RIGHT then LEFT)
  • Double knee pulls
  • Front to back lunges (RIGHT then LEFT)
  • Double quad stretch
  • Glide lunge or “Grundle Gliders”…ask Sir-Mix-A-Lot
  • Tin Man Zombie

Next circuit (on our six):

  • Glute rocker (RIGHT then LEFT)
  • Double knee pull (on ground with head raised for abdominal work)
  • Double pigeon pull (head raised for ab work)
  • Spinal twist


  • Banana
  • Superman
  • Banana
    9 PAX (no FNGs)
    Stressed importance of recovery as a means for acceleration.  All of us, at one point or another, moves through physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological recovery and the intent is from betterment and acceleration.  Recovery disrupts our status quo to challenge our behaviors or lack of action to be better than we were before.  We all need recovery. Today’s exercise was not as intense as others; however, it is an example of the necessity of recovery and care that we all need to be better HIM in our spheres of influence.

Prayers: Crayfish -> prayers for upcoming discussions on job futures; One-Eyed Willie -> prayers for interactions/relationship with family; Dewey -> Prayers for Robbie Ball who was tragically murdered by his step-son.  Pastor Ball was apart of MCUTS and we mourn with his family and pray for recovery and healing.  Bottomless ->upcoming family trip that could produce stress and prayers for fun and no unnecessary drama that family events can all too often produce.

Every time I lead this work out, I constantly reminded of the importance of simple stretching.  There has not been one time that at least 2 PAX have said, “I needed this.”  Our first F of Fitness can/does include active recovery and I was glad to be able to offer that to the PAX this AM.  Hopefully, it will be beneficial for all those running the 10k, 13.1, and 26.2 on Saturday.  As always, #fight4Micah!
Whetstone info on Slack; Jailbat on Q at the Ruins; Barracks Run on Friday; join 3rd F channel for service opportunities