September 6, 2020

Preblast for the week of September 7th

Highlights: 3rd F Five Guys fundraiser is happening now. IronPax week 2 workout is happening at various AOs all week! 9/11 Remembrance Stair Climb is at the Ruins 0515 on Friday

3RDF OPPORTUNITY – “FIVE GUYS for BOX JUMPS AND TRIS”PAX OF F3 MEMPHIS: We’re raising money this month for New Hope Christian Academy, where our own Chioccetti (Chris Oliver) is Director of Development. New Hope Christian Academy is an urban, private elementary school located in Frayser. 80% of NHCA students qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch and 50% live in the North Memphis area. You can learn more about the challenge HERE 

IronPax: Get registered now! Show up to a workout and get it done! Also see iron-pax-challenge on Slack.
Opportunities to complete the workout throughout September:
-Barracks on Mondays, led by Beauty Shop
-Blue Collar on Mondays, led by Bootheal
-Blazing Saddle on Wednesdays, led by Finkle
-Neverland/Morg on Thursdays, led by Eagle
-Levee on Fridays, led by Halpert
-Berm on Fridays, led by Chef
-Lair on Saturdays, led by Skids

CSAUP–Did you enjoy BUCK IT ?? Join some of your brothers as we head to Louisville for F3 Nation GrowRuck. GR-21 Louisville is scheduled for the weekend of October 10th (GR21-Louisville-Registration). We have some confirmed pax sign-ups for Louisville, checkout the slack channel #growruck-21Preblast for the event

This Week’s Events:
Be sure to review our workout schedule and events calendar!

F3 Nation 10 Year Anniversary:
F3 Nation turns 10 years old on Jan. 1st 2021. To celebrate the nation is coming together at F3 Cape Fear near Wilmington, NC on Jan 15th – 17th. There will be lots of fitness, fellowship, and faith taking place this weekend. With the ability to meet pax from all over the nation. For more details and to register checkout We have confirmed pax sign-ups, checkout the slack channel #10-year-cape-fear