May 15, 2022

Preblast for the Week of May 16th

What we did last week: 
M: 71, T: 53, W: 67, Th: 54, F: 39, Weekend: 52 = 336 Total Posts!
FNGs (Welcome!): Secret Service, Jake the Snake, Parking Lot, All In & Blockchain
WLs: Man In Tights (F3 Houston)
T-claps to T Swift who stamped both his AO and Q Passports last week. He’s been to and Q’ed all 25 F3 Memphis AOs since January 1
Watermelon Wednesday returned to #ao-wolf
Awesome convergence held at #ao-barracks on Saturday to recognize FNGs, Kotters and the PAX that EH’ed them as part of the April Challenge. T-claps to Rabbit for EH’ing 4 HIMs who posted for their first time during April
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Coming up this week:
May Team Challenge Week 3 — Let’s rack up some points boys!
Downtown BLOPS postponed this week. Stay tuned for the new date
Mom’s Kitchen VQ on Monday at #ao-reaper 
Monday AOQ transition from Turkey Leg to Big Easy at #ao-quad-city
Chewie VQ on Tuesday at #ao-lair 
Cheesehead stepping up to take on AOQ duties at #ao-neverland on Tuesday
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Mark your calendar / future events:
Downtown BLOPS in the works. Location details being finalized. Make a list of potential FNGs who live or work downtown & start EH’ing
Memorial Day Murph on Monday, May 30

1ST F – Fitness

It’s Week 3 of the May Team Challenge! As you probably know, this is a 4-man team challenge with 6 different ways to earn points: Merkins, Running Miles, Rucking Miles, Biking Miles, Pull Ups, and WW2 Sit-Ups. Each team’s goal is to accumulate as many points as possible during the month of May. Go to the google sheet to log points and check progress

AO and Q Passport Challenge started over for the new year! Post to all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the AO Passport Patch. Step Up and Q all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the Q Passport Patch! 

Have a Favorite Q? Or wanting to avoid a specific Q? Checkout who’s Qing the next 2 weeks right HERE!

Find the workout location nearest to you right HERE

2ND F – Fellowship

Checkout #2F-lunches if you want to grab lunch with your bros! 

Checkout out Events Calendar for more 2nd F.

3RD F – Faith

Q Source Fridays are happening at AO Bermuda Triangle. Jump into their channel for details. Sometimes there is a different Startex.

If you want to post something in next week’s preblast, let me know by Saturday.