March 13, 2022

Preblast for the Week of March 14th

Check out what we did last week: 
M: 40, T: 45, W: 51, Th: 41, F: 50, Weekend: 25 = 252 Total Posts!
FNGs (Welcome!): Pizza Party
Solid VQ/Birthday Q by Shackleton on Wednesday at AO Berm. Are you sure that was your first?
T-Claps to Bob the Builder, Bombay, Ratio and Turkey Leg for completing the Dragon 450! That’s 450 minutes of amped up beatdowns over seven days. Impressive work, bros!
PAX enjoyed an evening of 2nd F courtesy of Bombay as he Q’ed this month’s Collierville POD High Impact Happy Hour (HIHH) on Saturday evening.
KOTB flag goes back to Old Forest for the month of March! According to Scarecrow, Old Forest AOQ, that is exactly where it belongs. I think I hear another challenge in the making for April. Any takers???
T-claps to Bandwagon, O’Shea, Psalty & Sunshine for completing the 2022 Germantown Half Marathon!

Highlights for this week (TL/DR):
Air Up There BLOPS Wednesday at Grace Evan. BC at 5AM with hoops to follow at 5:30AM
Mystery Q! at AO Armory on Wednesday
Fitness Test at AO Sandlot on Friday
Fare-Thee-Well BLOPS for Flintlock on Saturday at AO Old Forest 7AM
Start EH’ing now for the FNG/Kotter Challenge that is coming in April

1ST F – Fitness

Have a Favorite Q? Or wanting to avoid a specific Q? Checkout who’s Qing the next 2 weeks right HERE!

April has been designated as FNG/Kotter Month! We want to get as many men as possible to have the F3 experience. All of us have become better men because of F3 so we need to tell others about it.  Make a list of 5 people that you will invite to F3 and start asking/telling them about it. Start now because we all know most Sad Clowns won’t come on the first invite.  This will be a competition. Below are details of how it will work:

The competition will be between PODs. You may be thinking, “What is a POD?” A POD is group of AOs in a geographical region. PODs in F3 Memphis are: Collierville, Germantown, Midtown, East Memphis, and the Northern Kingdom (Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, & Arlington). The winning POD will get to host a convergence on Saturday, May 7 at one of their AO’s. Other POD’s will provide the food, drinks, etc. All PAX that were FNG’s will be recognized along with the PAX that EH’d the most FNGs in April.

Scoring system:
2 points will be awarded to PODs for every FNG brought during the month of April. Sponsoring PAX MUST post with FNG to get the point. 1 point will be awarded to POD for bringing back a Kotter — PAX that has not posted in the last 12 months. Half a point (0.5) will be awarded every time the FNG or Kotter posts during the month. Once FNG is named, sponsoring PAX does not need to show up to get these points.

How many FNGs and Kotters can we bring out in a month? 15? 50? 100?  Start EH’ing now!

AO and Q Passport Challenge started all over for the new year! Post to all 24 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the AO Passport Patch. Step Up and Q all 24 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the Q Passport Patch! 

Find the workout location nearest to you right HERE

March 2022 Fitness Challenge is underway! Check out the details and enter your results HERE

2ND F – Fellowship

Get to Know Your AOQs:

Birth Name:Chris Santirojprapai
F3 Name:Curdles
What’s the story behind your F3 name?I drank fermented horse milk while in Kyrgyzstan. I had a severe allergic reaction.
What’s the best piece of advice someone has given you?True philanthropy is anonymous.
If you were an action figure, what accessories would you be sold with?Two retractable 0.7mm gel pens. Blue ink.
What is something that you’re really good at, that is embarrasing? Picking calluses
What is one thing you’ve done that you will never do again?Bungee jumping
How many languages do you speak?Three (but my skills are degrading)
What was your first job?Sandwich wrap maker
What is the strongest animal you could win against?Spider Monkey
What would be the worst thing to put into a piñata?Snakes
What are you most thankful for?My family

Checkout #2F-lunches if you want to grab lunch with your bros! 

Checkout out Events Calendar for more 2nd F.

3RD F – Faith

WHETSTONE (Q1.8)- The Vertical Relationship Between Men
We have 21 Memphis PAX who have stepped up to be a “Stone” in the F3 Memphis Whetstone initiative.  So far, 11 “Blades” have emerged for sharpening, accountability, & growth. If you are a looking to take the next step in F3, click & read the link above and then reach out to Boudreaux to get a list of available Stones. 

Q Source Fridays are happening at AO Bermuda Triangle. Jump into their channel for details. Sometimes there is a different Startex.

If you want to post something in next week’s preblast, let me know by Saturday. Hit that :Dragon: emoji if you read this.