June 6, 2022

Preblast for the Week of June 6th

What we did last week: 
M: 39, T: 55, W: 50, Th: 50, F: 59, Weekend: 45 = 298 Total Posts!

6 FNGs (Welcome!): Love Note, Monstar, Matchbox, Kickin It, Tricycle & Puppy Pals

Club 345: T-claps to Chewie who posted and/or Q’ed everyday and twice on Saturday! Hit those :345: and :koolaid: emojis if you read this

Coming up this week:
KOTB is this Monday and Tuesday

Q Challenge (Week of June 5 through June 11):
1. No CMUs
2. No Doras
3. Put some thought into COT
4. Step up the intensity of workouts

Mark your calendar / future events:
Summer of the King (Coming June 12) From Q-Source: The King https://f3nation.com/king-q1-3/
Turkey Leg (1st F Mane) is going to be pushing out challenges with help from special guests specifically towards “3S2T”. The goal of the King is to constantly increase 3S2T: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (physical) and Toughness (mental). These are the aspects of a HIM’s physical kingdom that enable him to do the things he must do to be a Leader. The Top Q is selected by PAX Vote (could be creativity, COT, tough workout, anything goes). The Q then picks the following:

  1. Time period (at least one week, could be up to two weeks)
  2. Exercises/thangs that PAX can do on their own or that Qs can incorporate into their Qs with the 3S2T categories (referenced above) so there will be at least 5 suggestions

Congratulations to Tomb Raider for being selected the inaugural Top Q and kicking us off. Close behind TR in PAX voting was Finch, Gus, and “The Convergences” (Steiny/Woody and the Birthday Convergence of Roots, Nature Boy, Spirit Stick)

Father’s Day 2.0 Workout out on June18 at #ao-lair from 8:30am-9:15am with PLC (plus donuts/snacks)

Special Fourth of July Convergence (will actually be held on July 2) at #ao-mothership from 6:00-7:00am. Please HC on the Google Docs sheet below as it will be a team competition themed beatdown. 

1ST F – Fitness

AO and Q Passport Challenge started over for the new year! Post to all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the AO Passport Patch. Step Up and Q all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the Q Passport Patch! 

Have a Favorite Q? Or wanting to avoid a specific Q? Checkout who’s Qing the next 2 weeks right HERE!

Find the workout location nearest to you right HERE

2ND F – Fellowship

Checkout #2F-lunches if you want to grab lunch with your bros! 

Checkout out Events Calendar for more 2nd F.

3RD F – Faith

Q Source Fridays are happening at #ao-bermuda-triangle (sometimes there is a different Startex for the Berm) and #ao-quad-city. Jump into their channel for details.

If you want to post something in next week’s preblast, let me know by Saturday.