June 4, 2023

Preblast for the Week of June 5th

The Week in Review:

M: 48 T: 49, W: 52, Th: 59, F: 64, Weekend: 55 = 327 Total Posts!

3 FNGs (Welcome!): Clifford, All Skate, & Longhorn are the latest PAX to join our ranks. Give these HIMs a warm introduction the next time you post with them at a workout.

5 Willie Lomans (Welcome!): Maverick (F3 College Station), MASH (F3 College Station), Sparrow (F3 North Carolina), Brad Pitt (F3 Cherokee), and Thibodeaux (F3 Shanghai) joined us during their travels this week.

Club 345 Streak: The problem with a streak is they all come to an end. Time to start working on that next streak! Make that commitment now to post every weekday and twice on Saturday.

Highlights for This Week:

  • Check out these upcoming Qs this week:
    • Monday: Laettner (Patrick Fisher) is celebrating his 50th birthday while leading the beatdown at AO-Bermuda Triangle. RESPECT!!
    • Thursday: Madoff (Tim Ballard) is stepping up and leading his V-Q at AO-Blazing Saddle
  • 1stF Magnet Flag winner, 1stF May Challenge winner, and 1stF June Challenge have been announced. Check out the post below from Average Joe (Jimmy Madeksho) down below.

1st F: Fitness

AO and Q Passport Challenge started over in the new year! Post to all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to earn the AO Passport Patch. Step Up and Q at all 25 of the F3 Memphis AOs to earn the Q Passport Patch!

Have a Favorite Q? Or wanting to avoid a specific Q? Checkout who’s Qing the next 2 weeks right HERE! Find the workout location nearest to you right HERE!

From the Desk of our 1stF Q, Average Joe:

1stF Magnet Flag Challenge Update:

The 1stF Magnet Flag winner for the month of May is AO-Mothership!!! AO-Mothership earned 40 points by welcoming back 1 Kotter, Goodfellow, and getting 2 PAX, Ratchet & Goodfellow, to post a second time. AO-Morg made a last second points grab to snag 2nd place first loser with 32.5 points by recruiting 1 FNG, Mouse, 1 Kotter, Captain Nemo, 1 VQ, Ball-Peen, and 1 sophomore Q, Rudy.

Which AO is ready to step up and claim the June 1stF Magnet Flag??

The May “Ruck Around and Find Out” winners are:

  • Sister Wives (Matthew Taulbee)
  • Miracle Ear (Matt Goodhart)
  • Zima (Brad Blackwood)

Hit that :memphis-as-ruck: emoji if you read this.

The F3 Memphis 1st F June Challenge is “Namaste Fit”

Don’t loose your fitness gains from the May challenge. Complete at least one Quarterly Fitness Test in the month of June. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the month so keep an eye out on the 1F-preblast-hc Slack channel to find out where and when. This week, QFTs are scheduled for:

  • Monday: AO-Old Forest with Miracle Ear (Matt Goodhart)
  • Tuesday: AO-Neverland with Average Joe (Jimmy Madeksho)
  • Wednesday: AO-Field of Dreams with Photoshop (Kevin Schon)
  • Thursday: AO-Lair with Spirit Stick (Trey Morgan)
  • Friday: AO-Sandlot with Average Joe (Jimmy Madeksho)

2nd F: Fellowship

Checkout #2F-lunches if you want to grab lunch with your bros! Checkout out Events Calendar for more 2nd F.

Don’t forget to let your friendly Weasel Shaker know if you’re planning an F2 event and want it advertised to the region.

3rd F: Faith

From the Desk of our 3rdF Q, Psalty:

See a PAX making an impact in his community? DM Psalty (Andrew Woods) with your nomination for the next monthly HIM Highlight.

Q Source Weekly Weinke

Live Right is about seeking Purpose and IMPACT in the lives of those around HIM, which ironically helps him stay Right

Impact = Forcible Contact to Strong Effect
Influence, Missionality, Positive Habit Transfer, Accountability, Correction, Targeting
Without Movement and Proximity, Impact to another man’s life (Sad Clown or Survivor) will not occur. A man cannot have IMPACT from afar

Link to further reading:

F3 Memphis Book Club

F3 Memphis PAX recently began reading/discussing a new book, Atomic Habits, on Fridays at AO-Bermuda-Triangle.  Workout takes place from 5:30-5:50AM with the book discussion following from 5:50-6:15AM. Come join in the discussion and get better!