July 17, 2022

Preblast for the Week of July 18th

What we did last week:
M: 61, T: 53, W: 41, Th: 44, F: 62, Weekend: 57 = 318 Total Posts!

3 FNGs (Welcome!): Wall-E, West Bound, & Slick Rick

WL: Blues Traveler, Brad Pitt (F3 Cherokee), & Redrum (F3 Dallas)

Club 345: T-claps to Bob the Builder for completing 345 minutes of 1st F last week! He posted every day and twice on Saturday! Hit that :345: emoji if you read this

Chewie hosted the July Collierville HIHH at his home on Thursday evening! PAX enjoyed an evening of great food and fellowship

62 HIMs made their way to AO-8Track on Friday for the 3rd Annual “The Warden” workout and convergence. The workout celebrates the life of Boudreaux’s late father, Warden Sandy McCain, who served with the Louisiana Department of Corrections for 20+ years

Summer of the King Challenge #2 wrapped up on Saturday. Use this link to submit your responses: https://forms.gle/mzub5xuT9on7xXZ78

Ice Capades opened his home on Saturday evening for a July 2nd F event! PAX from the Midtown and East Memphis PODs enjoyed an evening of fantastic food and fellowship

T-claps to Rabbit for earning both his Q and AO passports on Sunday morning as he led the men of AO-Green Mile on a run along the trails of the Wolf River Greenway! Great work, Rabbit Hit that :passport_control: emoji if you read this

Puppy Pals led the men of AO-Falkor to conquer the trails during his VQ on Sunday. He followed it up with a great COT

Highlights for this week:
Rare opportunity to attend 2 VQs on the same day (Wednesday) at the same location — Fence VQ at AO-Field of Dreams 4:40AM and Echo VQ to follow at AO-Berm 5:30AM

Yoga Q at AO-Wolf on Wednesday led by Po Boy. If you haven’t made it to one of his yoga Qs, you should give it a try this week

Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events:
The 5-Year Anniversary of F3 Memphis is quickly approaching! F3 Memphis launched on August 20, 2017 at AO-Mothership with 42 PAX posting on Day 1

1ST F – Fitness

Summer of the King From Q-Source: The King https://f3nation.com/king-q1-3/
Turkey Leg (1st F Mane) will be pushing out challenges over the course of the summer with help from special guests (aka Top Qs) targeted specifically towards 3S2T: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Toughness (physical) and Toughness (mental). The goal of the King is to constantly increase 3S2T. These are the aspects of a HIM’s physical kingdom that enable him to do the things he must do to be a Leader. The Top Q is selected by PAX Vote (could be creativity, COT, tough workout, anything goes). The Top Q then picks the following:

  1. Time period (at least one week, could be up to two weeks)
  2. Exercises/thangs that PAX can do on their own or that Qs can incorporate into their Qs with the 3S2T categories (referenced above) so there will be at least 5 suggestions

So far this summer, PAX have been challenged by suggestions from Tomb Raider and Roots. Who will be the next Top Q? Stay tuned to find out

AO and Q Passport Challenge started over for the new year! Post to all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the AO Passport Patch. Step Up and Q all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to receive the Q Passport Patch! 

Have a Favorite Q? Or wanting to avoid a specific Q? Checkout who’s Qing the next 2 weeks right HERE!

Find the workout location nearest to you right HERE

2ND F – Fellowship

Checkout #2F-lunches if you want to grab lunch with your bros! 

Checkout out Events Calendar for more 2nd F.

3RD F – Faith

Q Source Fridays are happening at #ao-bermuda-triangle (sometimes there is a different Startex for the Berm so check the channel) and #ao-quad-city. Jump into their channel for details.

If you want to post something in next week’s preblast, let me know by Saturday.