January 3, 2021

Preblast for the week of January 4th

Highlights: King of the Bluff this Monday and Tuesday! Turkey Leg’s VQ on Thursday at the Lair! Lots of work being done on the January Chin up Challenge, kicking off the Equinox Challenge, and getting ready for our 24 event, the Bauer on Jan 15th.

Fitness Challenge: January is Chin-ups and/or CMU Curls
Gold:1200 Reps(~40/day) Silver:900 Reps(~25/day) Bronze:450 Reps(~15/day)
Notes: 7 CMU Curls = 1 Chin-up, a scaled mod for chin-ups is doing “negatives”
Visit our monthly challenges page (https://f3memphis.com/monthly-challenges) on the F3 Memphis website for a “live” look (5 minute delay) at all the entries and the leaderboard.
Submit your chin-ups here: https://forms.gle/6x2zFkzKBiqxW77H9

“The Bauer”
What: 24 hours of Qs | Every hour on the hour
When: Fri, Jan 15 – Sat, Jan 16, 2021 (6PM to 6PM)
Where: Blazing Saddles
Infohttps://f3memphis.com/the-bauer Start the year out strong and come out to push your limits by attending several workouts (3+) during the event. The Q schedule has been finalized and is remaining a mystery: it’s gonna be a beatdown for the ages.We need a couple volunteers to bring provide water/coffee/snacks: sign up here

Equinox Challenge: Starting now!!
You and a partner support each other in building up fitness, fellowship, & faith this winter season. Learn about the challenge here. 

This Week’s Events:
Be sure to review our workout schedule and events calendar!