January 31, 2021

Preblast for the week of February 1st

Highlights: King of the Bluff contest this week. Post at an AO Monday and Tuesday to help win the challenge. New month starting, new fitness challenge; details below.

 February 2021 Challenge: This month’s challenge is 5 minutes of daily meditation and will be guided by @Roots (Jeff Schneider).
Gold: 20-28 days, Silver: 14-19 days, Bronze: 8-13 days

Set a timer, turn off your notifications, silence your outer world, sit comfortably and breathe normally. Your aim is for 5 minutes of stillness. Create stillness in the external space around you and practice creating a stillness in your mind. Roots will send out tips and tricks, mantras and other meditations throughout the month in our new #meditation slack channel. Check your ego and try something new in this age of constant distraction. More Info found here.

Equinox Challenge: Continuing now!!
You and a partner support each other in building up fitness, fellowship, & faith this winter season. Learn about the challenge here. 

This Week’s Events:
Be sure to review our workout schedule and events calendar!

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Look Back: 337 Posts this week. 3 FNGs: Chimney Sweep, Boo Boo, Thunderstruck