December 27, 2020

Preblast for the week of December 28th

Highlights: Last week for the Long Lost Pax challenge, bring out our missing brothers this week!  Convergence on 1-1 at Mothership happening at 7am. Final week for the December Ruck Miles.   

Long Lost Pax: Teacher’s Pet has challenged the pax to “Leave No Man Behind” and bring back missing pax. The tentpole is making burpee payments each time a LLP is brought to a workout. More Info Here 

 “Distance” December 2020 Challenge 

This month’s challenge is ruck miles; highly incentivized to pre-ruck and attend BC.

Gold: 200,Silver: 150,Bronze: 100

Notes: Miles rucked BEFORE bootcamp count 5x if you attend the bootcamp! Weight multiplier: 20# = 1x, 60# = 1.5x, 100# = 2x

Example: 4.8 mile Mothership pre-ruck with 30# = 27 miles (4.8 * 5 * 1.125) if you stay for the workout.

Visit our monthly challenges page ( on the F3 Memphis website for a “live” look (5 minute delay) at all the entries and the leaderboard.Submit your miles here: 

“The Bauer”

What: 24 hours of Qs, Every Hour On the Hour

When: Fri, Jan 15 – Sat, Jan 16, 2021 (dusk to dusk)

Where: TBD

Start the year out strong and come out to push your limits by attending several workouts during the event with special prizes to those with > 6 workouts. Q-Signup and supplies signups coming soon (food/water/fire pit/coffee/etc)

This Week’s Events:

Be sure to review our workout schedule and events calendar!

Equinox Challenge Starts 1-1

You and a partner support each other in building up fitness, fellowship, & faith this winter season.

Learn about the challenge here: