December 13, 2020

Preblast for the week of December 14th

Highlights: The December Ruck challenge is continuing, as well as, the Long Lost Pax challenge. Big plans coming for the new year: The 24 Hour Bauer, and the Equinox challenge.

Long Lost Pax: Teacher’s Pet has challenged the pax to “Leave No Man Behind” and bring back missing pax. The tentpole is making burpee payments each time a LLP is brought to a workout. More Info Here FYI: no burpee payments were needed this week, lets change that!!

Faith (3rd F) Opportunity: Tomb Raider is connected with a group that is looking to bless single moms in Memphis this Christmas season. They are helping to empower the mothers by assisting them to purchase gifts for their children. To contribute and learn more the website is HERE. For more info contact Tomb Raider on slack.

 “Distance” December 2020 Challenge 
This month’s challenge is ruck miles; highly incentivized to pre-ruck and attend BC.
Gold: 200
Silver: 150
Bronze: 100
Notes: Miles rucked BEFORE bootcamp count 5x if you attend the bootcamp! Weight multiplier: 20# = 1x, 60# = 1.5x, 100# = 2x
Example: 4.8 mile Mothership pre-ruck with 30# = 27 miles (4.8 * 5 * 1.125) if you stay for the workout.
:sparkles:Real-time leaderboard :sparkles:
Visit our monthly challenges page ( on the F3 Memphis website for a “live” look (5 minute delay) at all the entries and the leaderboard.Submit your miles here: 

F3 Nation 10 Year Anniversary:
This event has officially been postponed till next fall.

:clock730:“The Bauer”:clock730:
What: 24 hours of Qs, Every Hour On the Hour
When: Fri, Jan 15 – Sat, Jan 16, 2021 (dusk to dusk)
Where: TBD
Start the year out strong and come out to push your limits by attending several workouts during the event with special prizes to those with > 6 workouts. Q-Signup and supplies signups coming soon (food/water/fire pit/coffee/etc)

This Week’s Events:
Be sure to review our workout schedule and events calendar!

Look Back:
This past week we had 3 FNGs: Back Rub, Junkyard, Launchpad
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