April 24, 2023

Preblast for the Week of April 24th

The Week in Review:

M: 68 T: 66, W: 62, Th: 59, F: 44, Weekend: 52 = 351 Total Posts! +1 Creeper at AO-Old Forest

1 FNG (Welcome!): Make sure to welcome the newest PAX to join F3 Memphis, Yonkers (AO-Levee)!!

1 Willy Loman (Welcome!): It was great to have a downriver PAX join our ranks this week from F3 Tuscaloosa, Bloomer!

Club 345: Cheers to Caveman (Isaac Guess), Echo (Jonathan Morrow), and Evan Almighty (Noah Guess)! These three PAX posted every day last week and twice on Saturday.

Club 345 Streak: The current 345 streak sits at 4!! Which PAX will step up this week to extend the streak another week?

Transference of Limited Power: Join Bob the Builder (Luke Cantrell) as he hands off AOQ responsibilities to Costanza (Hudson Peden) at AO-Lair on Tuesday, April 25th.

Highlights for This Week:

  • VQ Alert!!!! Join Rudy (Kelly O’Leary) as he conducts his VQ this week on Tuesday, April 25th, at AO-Annex.
  • April Corn Hole Challenge winner will be drawn this Thursday night. Details below.
  • Updates on the monthly Magnet Flag challenge from our 1stF Q Average Joe (Jimmy Madeksho)
  • The Annual F3 Memphis Crawfish Boil has a date and a location. Details below from our 2ndF Q, Scarecrow (JT Pitner)
  • A number of updates from our F3 Memphis Nantan, Turkey Leg (Jacob Schatz)

April Corn Hole Challenge

This week, TryCycle (Terry Brown) and Radar (Jaime Bastidas) will be holding the drawing for the custom made F3 Memphis Cornhole set on Thursday at 6:30. Plan on enjoying some bourbon, various drinks, and some food. 2.0’s are welcome to join and encouraged to hit the lake for some fishing. The weather will be borderline, but TryCycle is getting the fire pit going and he has a covered deck. Follow this link for the address: https://f3-memphis.slack.com/archives/D043SR3LSG4/p1682256408034629

From the Desk of our Nantan, Turkey Leg:

  • Fultimat3 order is closing end of day 4/26. If you want a reversible jersey – reach out to me or order directly. We have a group order to save shipping. I’m entering this the morning of 4/26. https://f3.mudgear.com/collections/active-preorders/products/f3-memphis-fultimat3-pre-order-april-2023
  • Across The Nation – May challenge is back – http://f3cleveland.com/f3maychallenge/ and https://f3cleveland.com/f3-may-challenge-points-rules-and-faqs/
    • Put together your four man team – let’s get multiple Memphis teams represented as we’ve always had a good showing.
    • Multiple ways to score points – again.. see the link for rules and faqs and next steps
  • We will have a Regional challenge coming this May via @Average Joe (Magnet Q)
     – stay tuned!! This challenge is an individual challenge and the focus of it will also count for points towards the Nation’s May challenge.
  • Tentpole will be rolling out some “initiatives” etc – May time frame – stay tuned. Mission is simple – plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. This will be POD based as we communicate it
  • I submitted Memphis to host GrowRuck in 2024. Dates/Details/FINAL approval TBD If you are interested in being part of that leadership team please let me know or hit the :school_satchel:
  • Murphreesboro hit 100 pax in one day.. multiple times.. murphreesboro…. Stay tuned for dates in May to hit 100. This is a direct Nan’tan (or regional manager vibe as @Hobby Lobby (Hater of CMUs) would say) challenge. I have the punishment in mind if we hit it.

1st F: Fitness

AO and Q Passport Challenge started over in the new year! Post to all 25 F3 Memphis AOs to earn the AO Passport Patch. Step Up and Q at all 25 of the F3 Memphis AOs to earn the Q Passport Patch! 

Have a Favorite Q? Or wanting to avoid a specific Q? Checkout who’s Qing the next 2 weeks right HERE! Find the workout location nearest to you right HERE!

From the Desk of our 1stF Q, Average Joe:

1stF Magnet Flag Challenge Update: AO-Reaper is leading the charge this month in the 1stF Magnet Flag Challenge with a weighted score of 42.5 points. Contributing to their tremendous lead are 2 FNGs, 1 Kotter, and 1 VQ. Storming up the rankings in 2nd place with a weighted score of 25 points, with 1 FNG, 1 VQ, and 1 Sophomore FNG Post is AO-Old Forest

There is still plenty of time to catch Reaper! Make sure to EH those FNGs, encourage Kotters back to the fold, recruit those VQs and Sophomore Qs, and bring back those FNGs for their 2nd post to earn points.

2nd F: Fellowship

Checkout #2F-lunches if you want to grab lunch with your bros! Checkout out Events Calendar for more 2nd F.

From the Desk of our 2ndF Q, Scarecrow:

Scarecrow (JT Pitner) is looking for a crew of 4-6 HIMs to help plan and execute the boil. DM him if you’re interested in helping pull off one of the most successful 2ndF events of the year!

The East Memphis crew is getting the Spring calendar full for a number of 2ndF gatherings:
June 3rd – The 3rd Annual F3 Crawfish Boil has had a location change, but we do have a date!  locHTe (Harris Todd) has graciously offered to host the boil in June 3rd, and we need your help!!!

We have a need for a HIM who can boil crawfish in order to make this happen. Please let me know if any of you are willing and able. We also need some PAX to assist us with tasks such as set up, grilling hot dogs for 2.0s, etc. Please let me know ASAP if you can assist with any of this. This is one of the most enjoyable events of the year, and we are really hoping to be able to kick the summer off this way again. Thanks HIMs!

June 10th– Evan All Mighty (Noah Guess) will be hosting a family shindig from 6 pm – 8:30pm and food will be provided. Just bring your family and some drinks

3rd F: Faith

From the Desk of our 3rdF Q, Psalty:

Q Source Weekly Weinke

Get Right – the first step of personal alignment – a Leader takes the Daily Red Pill – his commitment to accelerate his fitness, fellowship and faith.

Shield Lock is a man’s horizontal relationship with other men. A Shield Lock’s purpose is to create accountability, stimulate acceleration, and help men fight the Flux – the emotional reaction to the peaks and valleys in a man’s life. Hit that :shield: emoji if you read this

Ask other PAX about their experience with their Shield Lock. If they don’t have one, then start a new one together!

Link to further reading: https://f3nation.com/shield-lock-q1-7/

F3 Memphis Book Club

F3 Memphis PAX recently began reading/discussing a new book, Atomic Habits, on Fridays at AO-Bermuda-Triangle.  Workout takes place from 5:30-5:50AM with the book discussion following from 5:50-6:15AM. Come join in the discussion and get better!