August 3, 2019

Preblast for the Week of 8/5/19

Highlights for the week:  Twitty, Toucan, Dawson VQs! King of the Bluff week! Three Black Ops workouts on the books. Come take the Ghost Flag. Make plans to attend our 2nd Anniversary workout at the Mothership on August 17th. BOLO for the Iron PAX Challenge returning in September. SYITG!

Introducing, The Ghost Flag:
Six of Memphis’ finest HIM drove to Louisville this weekend and claimed the Ghost Flag for Memphis. F3 Louisville created the Ghost Flag to build fellowship among, and beyond, their region. Like King of the Bluff, the flag can be claimed and owned by an AO, but the rules are different…because #memphisrules.

Stealing In-Region (local AO to local AO):
To steal the flag, post at the flag-holding AO with at least 5 PAX claiming your AO. Tie breakers are 1) number of PAX and 2) distance traveled. You must post the GF at your AO and an official Saturday workout each week, but the flag cannot be stolen in-region on a Saturday.

Stealing Out-of-Region, starting 8/17/19:
We welcome all regions to come and attempt to steal the flag. In order to do so, post with 5 PAX from your region. If more than one foreign region attempts, tie breakers are 1) distance traveled and 2) number of PAX. 

Black Ops Morning and Evening:
Bruce is Q-ing another afternoon workout this Wednesday at the Berm. Jail Bait is Q-ing an early workout Friday at East High. Headlock your friends whose schedules may not fit our normal times.  Details below!

2nd Anniversary Convergence, 8/17, 7:00-8:00 AM, The Mothership:
Join us as we celebrate two years of F3 Memphis! Reborn, a Truebadour from Rock Hill, SC will Q the workout and share some leadership lessons with us during PLC. Reborn has been married for 19 years, has 3 kids, and works in construction project management. He’s served Rock Hill as AOQ and launched their Whetstone/Shieldlock program. Make plans now to attend!

Plant Tupelo:
We’re planning to launch F3 in Tupelo this Fall. Join the Slack channel if you want to help Give It Away.

Ruck Events:
City Ruck Tour, 8/9, Memphis – details and registration here:
Be sure to follow MRC on Facebook to stay up-to-date! 

Iron PAX (IPC):
The Iron PAX Challenge returns in September. Keep an eye out for timed workouts to see who’s the fittest in F3 Nation. Arcadia will host some prep Black Ops workouts on Fridays in August. Be on the lookout for IPC locations in September. 

1st F (Fitness) Schedule:

Check out our locations here

Black Ops Schedule:

Day Time AO/Map Pin Workout Type Q
Wednesday 6:00-6:45 PM Bermuda Triangle Boot Camp Bruce
Friday 5:30-6:15 AM Arcadia Iron PAX Slots
Friday 5:00-5:45 AM East High Track Boot Camp Jail Bait

Regular Schedule:

Day AO Q
Monday Blue Collar O’Reilly
  The Barracks Hitch
  Arcadia Slots
  Bermuda Triangle TBD
  The Levee Gus
  The Morg Flobee
  Old Forest
Tuesday The Annex Speedy
  Bermuda Triangle Choker
  Blazing Saddle Cheesesteak
  The Lair Twitty (VQ)
  Neverland Tree Hugger
  The Sandlot Chioccetti
Wednesday The Barracks Soybean
  Arcadia Landline
  Bermuda Triangle Bruce
  The Levee Speaker
  The Morg Carport
  Old Forest Teacher’s Pet
Thursday Bermuda Triangle Lipton
  Bingo Hall Toms
  Blazing Saddle Photoshop
  The Cockpit Tomb Raider
  The Lair Bombay
  The Ruins Sir Mix-a-Lot
Friday The Annex Sonic
  The Barracks Steinbrenner
  The Levee Roots
  The Morg Sleep Number
  Neverland Toucan (VQ)
  The Gridiron Bell Ringer
Saturday Mothership Daniel Tiger
  Mothership Dawson (VQ)
Sunday Green Mile TBD